3 Essential Tips To Accelerates Your Mental Focus

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

May 20

Staying on tasks can be difficult, and it can be particularly challenging when you are surrounded by constant distraction.  

The ability to concentrate on something in your environment and direct mental effort toward it is critical for learning new things, achieving goals, and performing well across a wide variety of situations.

Fortunately, focus is a lot like a mental muscle. The more you work on building it up, the stronger it gets.

Read on to power-up your mental muscle! 

Develop Your Laser-Like Mental Focus & Concentration1. Assess Your Mental FocusBefore you start working toward improving your mental focus, you might want to begin by assessing just how strong your mental focus is at the present moment. Here are some signs to help you get started:

Your Focus Is Good If… (a) You find it easy to stay alert (b) You set goals and break tasks up into smaller parts (c) You take short breaks, then get back to work

Your Focus Needs Some Work If… (a) You daydream regularly (b) You can't tune out distractions (c) You lose track of your progress  

2. Eliminate Distractions Around YouWhile it may sound obvious, people often underestimate just how many distractions prevent them from concentrating on the task at hand. 

Not all distractions come from outside sources. Exhaustion, worry, anxiety, poor motivation, and other internal disturbances can be particularly difficult to avoid as well. 

A few strategies you might want to try to minimize or eliminate such internal distractions are to make sure you are well-rested prior to the task and to use positive thoughts and imagery to fight off anxiety and worry. If you find your mind wandering toward distracting thoughts, consciously bring your focus back to the task at hand.

3. Keep Practicing!Building your mental focus is not something that will happen overnight. Even professional athletes require plenty of time and practice in order to strengthen their concentration skills.

One of the first steps is to recognize the impact that being distracted is having on your life. If you are struggling to accomplish your goals and find yourself getting sidetracked by unimportant details, it is time to start practicing placing a higher value on your time.

Realize What You Are Able To Do!By building your mental focus, you will find that you are able to accomplish more and concentrate on the things in life that truly bring you success, joy, and satisfaction. Start trying these tips out! 

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