Tony Robbins says “overcome those limiting beliefs”. Smash them, by believing in yourself.

By Stephanie Lucas | Education

Mar 13
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There are some things which keep us up at night.

Stress, insomnia, money, thinking about work the next day…

But for some of us, what really steals our sleep?

All the incomplete dreams and goals we have yet to achieve.

Hence, we ponder on the reasons why. Barriers, fears, lack of time? Things that actually dampen our abilities to achieve the best of ourselves.

What’s a viable solution when you are stuck in a metaphorical burrow like this?



As Tony Robbins put it, “Stack positive results in order to believe you can achieve what you set out to do.”

This simply means allowing OPTIMISM to immensely seep into your life.

When we were younger, we were always taught to do things a certain way.

But we all know that this changes as we grow up due to the reduced amount of limiting beliefs present around us.

As kids, we were told that getting an A-plus in our exams is the only way to make it in life.

That is an example of a limiting belief our parents put on us.

On the other hand, now, as adults, this has changed for the better! WHY?

We can take matters into our own hands and control the circumstances in our lives.

So we can simply turn a negative situation into a totally positive one. 

Tony is an expert on vanquishing limiting beliefs, which holds us down onto generalizations of the past.

The only way to get rid of them is to believe in yourself.

It is very easy to do so. Here are some ways!



It’s undeniable that limiting beliefs restrict you from doing the things you love.

You will need bouts of willpower to actually overcome this.

Being humans, we are always conditioned to think a certain way.

We follow emotional patterns and actions which forces us to stick to old habits.

We sometimes find refuge in the events of our past causing us to feel too comfortable in doing things the same way over and over again.

Therefore, this is where we need to CHANGE. Especially in the way we perceive life and experiences.

Tony says that we can replace these old habits with empowering beliefs.

So when you say “I won’t be able to get this report out by the next meeting.” Just simply say, “I CAN AND I WILL DO IT.”

Do this on a daily basis and you will notice the difference quickly!



Each one of us has what it takes to pursue GREATNESS!

It is good to have standards but are they worthy enough to work towards to?

Try changing things up and set really high standards for yourself once in a while.

Make a goals list, and write down those you haven’t accomplished, NEW ones especially.

Get out of your comfort zone and experience something new, like mountain trekking or bungee jumping, you name it.

This will actually build up new confidence while spurring relentless MOTIVATION

Even better, it will help you discover your true self!



What’s your innermost desire?

To get a car…be a millionaire? Join the Guinness Book of records?

It is easy to talk about your dreams and goals.

But it takes a whole lot of pure positive energy and belief to achieve them.

How do we go about doing this?

First and foremost, you can try and remove what is blocking you from reaching your goals.

If it is FEAR, then open up to the idea that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

Practically, focus on what you’re the best at, and keep working at it.

Turn it into a habit and with just a blink of an eye, you can smash the fear that’s always been hindering you.

Also having a strong reason to fulfill your dreams, will make the journey all the better.

It can be something as simple as, “I know I am the best” or “I have to do this for my Dad”.  

This will help you look at the end of the tunnel and envision the best version of yourself.

The world is your oyster and there is a never better time than now, to live up to your full potential.



The BEST way to find your true self is to join Tony Robbins in his quest to change lives globally at Unleash the Power Within.

If you are in to win it, then this event will give you a total life-changing empowerment.

Tony Robbins will take you to a whole new level as you discover many new things about yourself.

At Unleash the Power Within, you will;

  • Confront and breakthrough all your FEARS and UNCERTAINTY
  • Identify your greatest passion with LASER CLARITY
  • Learn how to focus your energy on what you TRULY WANT, not what you fear
  • Get the tools for creating the life you were MEANT TO LIVE


This could be your everlasting chance to take full control of your life. What better way to grow unstoppable belief in yourself?


P.S.: Don’t stop believing!


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