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By Stephanie Lucas | Education

Mar 22
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We had a blast last weekend with Mac Attram!

More than 600 lives were changed during the Millionaire Mind Intensive which included people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand, Australia, the US, India, Colombia, and Myanmar.

It was undeniably a total success.

For those who missed out, here are the few takeaways from the event.


What was stacked on stage at the Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore?

It’s not piggy banks…but MONEY JARS!

T-Harv Eker’s Money Management System can be used to split your money into six different accounts.

How much more practical can this idea get?

Mac Attram says it’s all about repositioning your money.

And this can be quickly done with the money jars system. This is the basic of all the techniques taught at the event.

You can also start filling your jars with $1 coins!

Just show the universe that you know how to manage $1…then watch the changes that will happen in your life.

Therefore, gradually you will turn this into a positive habit.

And then it will automatically be incorporated in other areas of your life.

If you want to know more about the money jars, ask any of your friends who attended the event!

I can guarantee you won’t want to miss the next Millionaire Mind Intensive.


Mac puts it this way; negative beliefs can be removed easily if you alter your money mindset and understand where it came from.

This is what Millionaire Mind Intensive is also about!

Maybe as a kid, you were taught that “Money is the root of all evil”.

But the Bible always said that “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

It’s important to let these kinds of negative beliefs go so that you can have a healthy mindset and change it into something more suitable to achieve financial freedom.

You have a right to choose the way you think, to choose your beliefs!

You most definitely must remember the personal finance anthem you created.

It’s the first step to changing your mindset and becoming rich.

Jiggle to it every day, and you’ll notice the difference in your life soon enough.


Do you know what can ramp up the four quadrants – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical?

When you dig deep and understand the root of all things that cause you to think a certain way…

Once you get a hold of that, you can easily strengthen those roots to bear fruits!

Mac got the crowd to chant the wealth declarations to ingrain it into their inner systems.

We all live in four different realms at once.

And the physical world is merely a result of the other three.

Your inner conditioning influences and programmes the four quadrants.

For example, if you believe that you cannot fall in love or get that next promotion, then that conditioning will eventually create feelings of doubt and fear.

This conditioning affects your emotional quadrant, and it could lead to negative thoughts such as, “I will not get a pay raise if I don’t get a promotion, and this can lead me to remain poor for the rest of my life…”

See what happened there?

Thus, if you keep thinking you can get more money, you eventually will!


Success all starts with YOU! It’s simple yet often made complicated.

Here is how;




Yes, that’s what T-F-A-R means.

This concept is closely related to your money blueprint. We all have different thoughts which lead to a variety of actions.

If you were initially programmed to think that you cannot live a lavish lifestyle, it could be because of the fear or the discouragement people forced upon you in the past.

Some were taught to keep quiet about their accomplishments, which caused them to feel like they were never good enough.

This year at Millionaire Mind Intensive, Mac got the chance to remind the participants to celebrate their successes, on the last day.

Everyone got to their feet and were dancing…

It ended with a BANG!

So are you ready to make your way to financial freedom?

If you are, then gear up for more action at our next Millionaire Mind Intensive happening on the 26th to 28th July 2019 at Singapore Expo Hall.

Right about now, you should be;

  • DOING WHAT IT TAKES to achieve financial freedom
  • GIVING NO MORE EXCUSES for you to fulfil your DREAMS AND GOALS
  • CONFIDENT with your business and relationships
  • HAVING THE ABILITY to generate a passive income
  • NOTHING is holding you back anymore


Still reminiscing what went down at this year’s event?

Then take a look at our Facebook page to stay connected. Try spotting yourself in our pictures, over here!

Also, if you are a Millionaire Mind Intensive graduate, you can join the community and share your opinions, photos, get to know each other, ask questions and get answers. Simply click here!

P.S.: Millionaire Mind Intensive has probably changed your life FOREVER.

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Mzimasi Bekiswa March 23, 2019

Thank You very much, Food for Though!

Peter Ng March 23, 2019

I am overseas now, and will only arrive Singapore on 29th Morning.

    Stephanie Lucas March 24, 2019

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your comment! Hope you enjoyed the blog post. Here’s a suggestion, if you are interested in attending the event, you can click on the link in the last image to buy your tickets after the 29th. Otherwise, if you’d like it early you can get your friends or loved ones to buy for you as well as attend the event on your behalf. It is truly worth it!

    Please do share your thoughts! 🙂


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