Michelle Mone is the founder of Ultimo Brands International, the UK’s leading designer lingerie brand. Michelle has been honouredby Her Majesty the Queen with an OBE for her outstanding contribution to business and regularly listed as one of the UK’s top female entrepreneurs.

Michelle grew up in the East End of Glasgow where at the age of fifteen her father became ill and wheelchair bound. Michelle had to leave school with no qualifications, which encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit. In 1996, the idea for Ultimo was born. It was at a dinner dance, wearing a very uncomfortable cleavage-enhancing bra that Michelle had the epiphany and realised the lingerie industry was crying out for innovation in the form of a bra that could exceed in comfort, cleavage-enhancement and uplift. In November, Michelle created just this launching Ultimo into the market.

Michelle’s status as one the UK’s leading entrepreneurs was confirmed when Prince Charles invited her to, first join the board of directors for The Prince’s Trust and then his Board of Main Council. In October 2005, after a speaking event with former US president Bill Clinton and MikhailGorbachev, she was encouraged to deliver her inspiring speeches all around the world, positioning her as one of the UK’s most notable global speakers.

Over the years Michelle has reached out beyond the original Ultimo, with the innovation of 15 patented inventions and brands. Following three years of intensive research and development, Michelle diversified her product line launching a range of tanning products in the beauty industry, UTan.

In 2015, Michelle launched her book, “My Fight to the Top” which rose to number one in three Amazon charts.