Do you feel like you are living a routine life similar to the movie “Groundhog Day”?
•    Waking up feeling lethargic
•    Dragging your feet to work
•    Having the same old lunch
•    Been a while since you last went on a date
•    Feeling indifferent about everything else

If you experience even one of these points, its definitely time change things up. Fortunately, there’s no better time to start than during this Easter season!

Easter symbolises rebirth and new life. Start by making a minor changes to your everyday drill. Explore a new cuisine. Take an alternate commuting route to work. Keeping things a little different will give you much needed variety. We’ve come up with some ideas you can try to jolt you out of the mundane.

Erase Negativity
Everyone has that voice in their head at times. You know what it sounds like – negative, telling you it can’t be done, giving you a million excuses, dssuading you from trying anything new or taking a risk on any opportunity that arises.

Listening and taking advice from this voice will for sure, send you down winding path of disappointment and failure. It’t time to rid that voice permanently. Stop thinking that you’re never good enough. Stop procrastinating and set small goals to slowly but steadily increase your confidence.

Take stock of the good things and be grateful
Even though nothing seems to be going well for you at the moment, it doesn’t mean you should take the blessings you have now for granted. For example, you dread going to work each day but have you ever thought about the sense of security this job gives? That’s just one of the many blessings worth counting.

If complaining is all you do, then you should stop comparing yourself those who have it all and think about how grateful you should be for what you do have. Bottom line: Recognize where you are lucky and you will create a sense of optimism that will spread into all other areas of your life.

Discover Your Purpose
Discovering your true calling should be the one of the first steps towards making changes in your life. Ask yourself questions such as:
•    What am I good at?
•    What am I passionate about?
•    What do I enjoy doing most?
•    What gives you the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction?

For example, you enjoy immersing yourself in many different video games. You simply can’t get enough of them to a point where it becomes a borderline obsession. Your skills might not be cut out to be a professional gamer, but why not share this undying passion with other gamers by becoming a game reviewer?

By making your work feel like play, it will essentially lead to true daily happiness and you’ll be on your way to excellent career opportunities.

One step at a time
Dream big but start small. Its no secret that it takes an immense amount of hard work to achieve your dreams. Even if you take a big risk in life, it still might take lots of time and patience till you reap the rewards of your first brave act.
Start by taking small steps instead of a leap of faith. Live and actualise your dream life by being consistently moving one step at a time.

Find your zen
No one finds it easy doing things against their nature. It is however, a necessary process to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. But how do we bring ourselves to forgive someone who has wronged us or damaged our lives?

Get away from the problem. It doesn’t mean run away from it but rather, change the environment you are in. Be open to a new mindset and soon, this will convert the negative into positive.

Get spiritual whether through religion, or simply taking a stroll in a nearby park to find a sense of peace rather than wallowing in anger, regret or despair.

Revisit your bucket list
Lastly, find one thing on your bucket list that is easy to accomplish this such as learning how to bake your own breakfast muffins. Strike off the easy ones first, then get to the more tedious ones that take more time like travelling to Morocco for example.

Appreciate every moment that you live and breathe. Don’t live life in a lull. Change it up along the way and pleasant surprises will soon follow. Start making your life worth living this Easter!

Source: Lifehack

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