It might sound pretty simple but it’s one of the toughest things to do. Saying thank you to your parents. What exactly will you thank them for? Your entire existence? I mean, where do you even begin? It’s truly overwhelming.

We all know they do a lot for us but we tend to overlook and take things for granted without realising the sacrifices they had to go through bringing us up. We could start thanking them for the little things, one at a time rather than everything at once.

Of course, there’s an unfortunate truth that not everyone had or has awesome parents. But if there was someone in your life who acted as a guide, a safe haven, or simply someone to turn to when in need, then thank that person too. He or she deserves it. There are probably many reasons to thank your loved ones but here’s a list with few you could start with.

Letting you be a child

A lot of children in this world never really get to be children. To be free to imagine, play and have no worries. That’s the sad reality. So if your parents did everything they could so that you could be carefree and happy as a child, thank them.

Helping you mature

Thank your parents for helping you to make those first steps into adulthood. You must realise by now that growing up is hard. When you’re young, you’re allowed to make as many mistakes because your parents are there to catch you when you fall.

Teenage angst

Just look at teenagers around you today. Keep in mind you were once as pesky and juvenile as them! Imagine what your poor parents had to put up with for years. The rebellious period, the sudden bursts of temper, they had to deal with all that.

Doing your homework

Think of relearning all the dreadful math formulas, algebra and quadratic equations all over again. That’s what your parents did when they had to help you with your homework to get you through high school.


Imagine the trivial and repetitive topics you talked about to your parents when you were younger? They had to entertain you even though they probably had no interest replying at all. That’s love.


Without your parents, you wouldn’t have made the journey to school and back on your own. Thank your parents for spending hours and hours at a time, sending and fetching you from places.

Teaching a teenager how to drive sounds completely terrifying. Be grateful that your parents were willing to put their lives, and car on the line so that you could learn to drive.

Making you feel safe

Growing up is frightening and awkward all on its own, and feeling safe and secure in your home life is invaluable. That’s an environment our parents make for us.

Expectations and acceptance

There’s an awfully fine line between encouraging their kids to strive and improve themselves, and accepting their kids as they are. It’s a really tough balance. Thank them for pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

Being a role model

As children, we learn how to make our ways through life from a lot of different sources, but our parents are two of our main examples. They model how to act in the world, how to cope with hardship, how to be compassionate, how to argue, how to give and receive love.


The most important thing that our parents gave us, love. To grow up and go through life knowing that there are people in the world who love you unconditionally is an incredibly powerful gift.

I hope you felt a little touched after reading this. Mother’s Day has passed and Father’s Day is coming in the third week of June. It’s a great time to start thanking them for the little things! No love is greater than a mother’s love. No care is greater than a father’s care. The laughter, the memories, the pain and the happiness. Remember these every day.


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