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Nov 14
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Did you know that the 2 of the largest growing industries globally are Personal Development and Cryptocurrency? People talk about them, but we at Success Resources have fused both of them into a single, groundbreaking product.

Introducing the newest contender in the Personal Development industry; SuccessLife.

SuccessLife is the new groundbreaking flagship product from Success Resources, the world’s leading seminar and workshop organiser.

We’re primed to take advantage of the exponentially growing trend in Personal Development and blockchain technology to be the world’s leading marketplace for premium personal and business development content.

SuccessLife opens a gateway to over 10,000 hours of content from 25 years of seminars, courses and events. This state-of-the-art digital platform brings with it over 300 years of combined leadership experience from industry veterans.

Much more than just a content aggregator, SuccessLife will be a marketplace for speakers, trainers, coaches and experts to distribute their curated content and promote their services. SuccessLife also serves as a crowdfunding launchpad for business plans, innovative ideas and education-focused community service proposals.

But what is SuccessLife without SuccessCoin?

SuccessCoin is the proprietary blockchain-based cryptocurrency of SuccessLife and is the heart of the SuccessLife digital platform, which is built as a pure decentralized system. These blockchain transactions are powered by SuccessCoin.

Thus, the more the content and the number of users creating and consuming the content, the more the consumption and demand for SuccessCoins will be.

Most importantly, SuccessCoin is powered by the Ethereum blockchain and the code will be open-source to ensure complete transparency in our processes, making sure that both you and us are protected.

Richard Tan: “We are in an age where digital disruptions are prevalent, consumers are smarter and people want more. We may have experienced success for the past 2 decades, but with today’s ever-changing trends, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Through SuccessLife, we hope to not only deliver a digitally stellar experience, but to also practice what we preach and offer you the chance to carve your own path to financial independence.

SuccessLife: One platform, 10,000 hours of content, your opportunity to thrive.


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