Are You Neglecting The Most Important Things in Your Life in the Pursuit of Success?

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Aug 08
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Have you thought about some of the things that make you happy?

For instance – being happy with yourself; with how you feel and how you look. Then there’s the happiness you want to experience with others – love, family, friends, or business partnerships. There’s also a form of happiness that comes from a deeper satisfaction with who you are as a person – your character – and connection with something bigger than yourself. And when you add in wealth, health, and adventure on top of all that happiness in your life, all things become magnified and the “good stuff” just gets better.

What about all those other things that also matter to us? What about success? Or more accurately, feeling successful? There are still so many people who equate success with some kind of business venture or through their career. And it’s totally understandable. But how often do people stop to think about what success really means?

Sometimes we are led to believe that being rich means success, and we become obsessed about building our businesses or plans to achieve our monetary goals, and neglect other important areas of our lives such as our health, emotional well-being and even our loved ones. The problem is, excelling in one area of your life but neglecting another will only set you up for an unbalanced – and ultimately unhappy – lifestyle.

Just think about it. What good would a million dollars be – if your health deteriorates as a result of stress and all that money is spent on expensive hospital bills AND follow-up treatments? Is that success?

Or having no one to share your good fortune with, because you have neglected your personal relationships and your loved one has left you and your friends want nothing to do with you. Is that happiness?

For some, maybe. For most of us, probably not!

Of course, there are times when you have to focus your energy on an area of your life such your career or a new business venture, but you should be mindful not to neglect the other areas that matter too. Like brewing a delicious bowl of soup, you don’t normally use the same amount of every ingredient, but rather, knowing how to add some ingredients in higher amounts while lowering the amount of the other ingredients. The same thing applies to your life. The key to true success is not just limited to dollars, but it’s about finding the right balance so that all areas of your life are receiving enough attention – in the right amounts!

Here are some simple strategies you can apply to find that balance and achieve a more successful, and fulfilling life:

Understand that financial success doesn’t equal life success

Success and happiness is a culmination of things. That’s why it’s so important to stay present and pay attention to everything that matters to you now, and not just what money can do for you later. When you feel truly successful in any part of your life, that feeling carries over to other parts, and in the end, the financial success you achieve only enhances all those other areas even more.

Have a plan

The best way to bring balance into your life is to explore every area of your life and create a life plan that clearly describes your goals for each area. These goals must cover your health, relationships, spirituality, career, finances, charity and personal growth.

Know what you want

Identify exactly what you want to achieve in each area of your life and measure the outcomes you are enjoying in each area at least once a week. What worked? Was there anything new and rewarding that you’ve learnt? If there are areas that didn’t work out as well as you hope to be, take corrective action to bring yourself back into balance again.

Pursue only the things that matter in your life

Everyone’s path to success is different. What works for one person might not suit the other. Before you set out to achieve your goals, think about what success really means to you and put your energy into acquiring exactly that in your life. Do not pursue something that you do not even want in your life..


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