So far, we’ve focussed on introducing you to our International speakers from all over the world who will be joining us at the National Achievers Congress. While we do value our foreign talent, we believe it’s worthwhile to highlight who you’ll be hearing from locally and in the region. Our speakers from Asia are heavyweights in their own right and you can certainly look forward to learning from their own innovative, culture-shocking, industry leading expertise that will give you the edge in your business and investments.

Since starting as an early Internet business pioneer in 1997, Ewen has truly come a long way from his humble beginnings.

After graduation, he held a sales and marketing job, struggling to make ends meet just like every working person. Striving to earn extra income, he started learning and experimenting with the internet business in 1997. For 5 full years, he worked on his internet business part-time, every single day from 11pm – 3am while still holding a full-time day job.

Ewen was extremely motivated to succeed to build a better life for his family and to clear credit card debts. After years of perseverance, learning and very little sleep, he started to make real money online and it hasn’t stopped since.

From his experience as a self-taught internet entrepreneur, he decided to teach other people and companies how to use the internet to create massive wealth. He created many proven materials, both online and offline, to teach Internet entrepreneurship around the world to help people. His results speak for themselves – brand new internet business he set up generated US$100,000.00+ in less than 30 days. Many people following his teachings have been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online.

In February 2009, Ewen finally launched his first ever print book, “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too”. Within 24 hours of launch, Ewen’s first print book made internet marketing history by hitting the #1 MAIN BESTSELLER LISTS on both Amazon and Barnes & Nobles at the same time!

Ewen is a highly sought after international speaker who has toured around the world sharing his Internet business knowledge while helping thousands of people. He is passionate about teaching the internet business because it can truly help people live a better life and achieve dreams. In fact, anyone who is willing to learn, put in effort and take positive action can change their life with the internet!

Sean Seah first became interested in Finances and the Stock Market when he studied Economics in the University. When he started working, he continued his Financial Education by attending Stock Market courses available in the market, diving right into the Stock Market using the strategies he had learnt.

Within weeks, he lost 5 figure sums of money and this made him realize that he needed to master the fundamentals instead of trying to beat the market with “tricks”. He began to invest time and effort to study the fundamentals of Value Investing. And when he entered the market once more, he was better armed. His effort paid off and his investments began to compound and he recouped all his initial losses.

Based on sound investing principles, he formulated a set of strategies to reduce risk by capturing returns using market derivatives. For the past years, even in the worst times, Sean has been consistently making streams of income from the stock market on a yearly as well as monthly basis. To date, he has successfully trained thousands of participants to strategize their finances and how make their money work for them.

Cayden Chang is the Director and Founder of Mind Kinesis Management International LLP. He received his Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer’s license from Dr Tad James who is the founder of Time Line Therapy Association and American Board of NLP (ABNLP). As a former Assistant Vice President in a listed company, he heads a team of managers in charge of a business with an annual turnover of more than $300 million dollars and more than 2,000 staff.

With a strong passion about learning and inspiring others to learn, he founded the company Mind Kinesis Management International LLP with a mission “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny” by helping adults and children. He has also co-founded an award-winning educational board game (Ministry of Education Innergy award 2003), which was featured in Channel 8, Channel U, Kids Central and LianHeZaoBao.

He has also received the Lifelong Learners Award 2008 from the Minister of Manpower, Mr Gan Kim Yong, on 18th Nov 2008 and he was featured in “TODAY” newspaper, 938Live Online News & Mediacorp Xin.Sg. His mission in life is “To motivate and empower people to reach their destiny”. Today, Cayden has touched the lives of thousands of people through his innovative programmes.

Ray Zhang built his business empire from scratch and over the last 16 years rose to lead a multi-billion dollar, diverse group of companies in the Ba Su Mu Group.

He tirelessly works to innovate and create new markets and his controversial ideas and approach has revolutionized whole industries. His exploits cover a broad range from equity investment, financial services, pawn, medical, automotive services, the training of education, culture, media, brand design, film and television, mobile and Internet services.

With his novel and unique approach to entrepreneurship, Ray will ignite your imagination and present his fresh ideas for doing business in this fast-paced world.

While still a student at the prestigious University of Tokyo, Takafumi Horie became obsessed with the potential of the internet when he took on a job with an internet services company.

Eventually, Mr Horie dropped out of university to set up his own internet company. Its web services business steadily and in 2000, just four years following its founding, Mr Horie managed to take the company public, reaping a fortune for himself and his close aides.

The listing helped to ensure that the fledgling company would weather the internet bust that wiped out many similar ventures. Mr Horie quickly gained a reputation for his aggressive M&A tactics, buying companies and turning them around to add to his growing stable of businesses.

In 2004 alone, his group – by then renamed Livedoor – acquired 16 companies.

No stranger to controversy, Horie challengied the conventional business practices in Japan, trying to buy a baseball team, and attempted to take over Nippon Broadcasting from Fuji Television Network.

He succeeded at becoming a headline grabbing household name. “Horiemon,” named after the beloved blue robot cat “Doraemon,” even ran for political office in 2005. Horie represented a new breed of businessman in Japan who was willing to take on the establishment.

The speed of his rise to fame and fortune was equally matched by his downfall. In 2006, he was found to have fabricated earnings for Livedoor and was hit with a record-breaking fine and forced to delist its shares. He was convicted of fraud and jailed in 2011. He lost weight behind bars, but not his knack for publicity, gathering over 1 million Twitter followers and 1,700 Facebook contacts.

Regardless of what you think of him personally, he still has a lot of influence and the fact can’t be denied – he is a visionary. Before he burst onto the business scene, only 2.2% of the adult population was engaged in new business activity. Now 4% of Japanese are involved.

Now Japan is waiting to see what he will do next. Itching to pick up where he left off, he wants to pursue commercial space rocket development and an e-mail magazine businesses. But first, the next big thing on his agenda is he’s coming to Singapore! He’ll be Live at the National Achievers Congress and we’re honored to have him as our opening speaker.

Join us at the event and you’ll have the opportunity to gain insights from the collective knowledge of all our featured speakers from a unique Asian perspective. Hear them share about their experiences, the lessons they’ve learnt, stretch your old ways of thinking and be inspired to live your wildest dreams.


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