Attracting Prosperity

By Super User | Education

Jan 23
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This Chinese New Year, everyone’s thinking about prosperity and the more superstitious among us are doing everything they can to attract wealth and prosperity to themselves this season. Instead of giving into superstition, why not try these steps to really start attracting wealth and prosperity into your life?

Get Clear On What You Want
Write a list of what you need right now. Don’t try to figure out HOW these things will come to you. Keep your focus on what you DO want, not on what you DON’T want. Once you have listed all the things you do want, find some actual pictures or photos of them and look at them (or imagine them in your mind) as often as you can. The more you focus on these things, the higher the chances are of attracting them into your life.

Stop Worrying
Worry is a choice and it’s always counter-productive. When you catch yourself doing it, shift your focus. Worrying about money does not bring more money into your life, it just makes you more frustrated and stressed out about it and interferes with your hopes, dreams and desires. If it’s difficult for you to stop worrying, try taking it a day at a time. Tell yourself, “Today (or this moment) I’m choosing not to worry.”

Explore Possibilities
Get a paper and pen or put fingers to your keyboard and begin writing down every possible idea, thought and opportunity that pops into your mind. Some questions to guide you could be, “How can I create immediate cash right now?” “What’s the best course of action to help me (fill in the blank?”) “What resources do I have to support me right now?”

Take Action Step-by-Step
Break your big ideas and opportunities down into smaller bite-sized tasks. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just take action on them at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Taking action on your hopes and dreams will eventually turn them into reality. Stick with it! Don’t beat yourself up and feel guilty if you miss a day and keep track of each task that you’ve completed. There’s something very comforting in seeing a list of accomplishments when you’re down on yourself and feel that you’re not “doing enough.”

Commit to Staying Positive
We all have habits of unconstructive thoughts that we repeat to ourselves when we’re under pressure. Instead of saying, “I’m so stressed out!” say, “This is just temporary; things are beginning to turn around.” The intention is to make you feel better so you can stay open to solutions to whatever you’re facing. Write down several statements that make you feel better and replace those disempowering thoughts with empowering ones.

Be thankful for the abundance you already have
Make a point of looking around you throughout the day and consciously focusing on the plenty that exists. Don’t overlook the intangibles like the fact that you may have wonderful friends, a good job and/or a healthy body. Every time you appreciate the wealth that exists in you and around you, you are reminding yourself that you are in a universe that is abundant and has everything you need.

Expect Prosperity
We live in a universe that is abundant. The way we receive this wealth is through ideas, thoughts and opportunities. It also comes through connections to people, events and circumstances. When we have a thought, an idea, a dream that is bigger than ourselves, and take steps to make it happen, we can expect the supply to meet our needs. So that through us, we can bless others. Expect it, and believe it.

Often all it takes are very simple shifts of attitude to invite prosperity into your life. Give it a try and see what happens!


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