Becoming a Rich Woman; Lesson 1: The Queen Who Serves

By Zhafran H | Event

Sep 09
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Have you ever wondered – what makes a RICH woman?

Shockingly, It’s NOT money, wealth or even fame. Let’s shine a spotlight on Success Resources’ own Queen and Mama Hen, Veronica Tan!



Physical Riches Last a Lifetime, but a Legacy lasts for Many Lifetimes.

What do you want to be remembered for? More importantly, what do you want to leave for the generations ahead of us? We’ve seen so many people chase goals such as owning fancy houses, driving luxury cars and eating at the best restaurants money can buy and look, that’s a good thing.

In fact, the more money you have, the happier we are for you!

BUT what really matters is what drives you, and what means the most to you.

As Veronica Tan says, “Service brings out the greatness in you.


Who Are We Here to Serve?

Have you noticed that when we live to serve others, we don’t just benefit others, but ourselves as well? By providing value to others without expecting anything in return, value is created from nothing and when that happens, an ABUNDANCE of value is available for all of us to share our joy in!

It could be something as simple as helping a colleague get a cup of coffee, helping a friend with their new business or even lending a hand to the less privileged. Giving is always free, but what we receive in return is invaluable.

Start small, and when you begin to see the benefits, you’ll give more (and receive even more) without thinking or breaking a sweat!


Becoming a RICH Woman

This is one way of becoming a RICH woman, but it doesn’t end here.

During Rich Woman Singapore 2019, Kim Kiyosaki and our panel of esteemed female powerhouse speakers will be live in person to candidly, unabashedly and without bias share with you their stories of success, financial independence and how you too can achieve the same.

Whatever your roles are as a spouse, daughter, sibling, businesswoman or investor, leave them at the door during this 2-day women-only event and get ready to learn from the best, mingle with like-minded gals and form connections that can help YOU build your legacy.

By Women, For Women. See you there.

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