Becoming a Rich Woman; Lesson 2: Embracing the F-Words

By Zhafran H | Event

Sep 10
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Welcome back to part TWO of our “Becoming a Rich Woman” series!

If you haven’t read part one of our series, Click here to read it now!

Previously, we talked about the non-monetary aspects of what makes a RICH woman; namely, leadership, serving for a cause and giving back to others.

This time, we’ll be learning straight from Genecia Alluora, Founder of Soul Rich Woman, Women Empowerment Advocate, Miss Singapore 2006 & 2011 and too many more to list!

So, How is Genecia empowering women all over the world?

Being Bold and Embracing the F-Words in your Life!

Wait, wait… It’s NOT what you’re thinking, but instead, it means:

  • Being Fabulous (not giving a damn about what your naysayers have to say)
  • Having Freedom (As women, we all deserve it 😉)
  • Enjoying Financial Independence (Relying on men for financial stability is so last century)

Sounds like awesome principles that you’d like to implement in your life? Click here.

But what ignited this spark in her that drove her to develop and pursue this goal?

She had to support herself through school when she was 14, and through years of turbulence and uncertainty, she found more than just financial rewards; she found the strength that lies in EVERY woman that enables them to achieve MORE than what the world tells them to believe.

And that, to her, is what success really means.

Success is NOT about glorious wins.
It’s about helping other women take a step to shine as well.

As the emcee for Rich Woman Singapore 2019, you’re sure to be entertained, inspired and amazed by Genecia as she seamlessly ties the whole event and its panel of powerhouse speakers together while sharing her own stories of strength and determination.

Whether you’re simply looking for a 2nd income or desire to let your inner woman ROAR for the world to hear, this 2-day event is the one for you. Better still, you’ll get to meet and chat with women on the same powerful wavelength as yourself. You’d never know who you’d meet that could help you build your success or vice versa.

By Rich Women, For Rich Women. See you there.

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