Becoming a Rich Woman; Lesson 3: No Time Better Than Now

By Zhafran H | Education

Sep 11
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Welcome to the FINAL part of our “Becoming a Rich Woman” series!

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Let’s see what we’ve covered:

  • Finding a purposeful cause to serve and receiving MORE in return? Check!
  • Developing our Inner Strength and embracing the F-Words? Check!
  • Awesome! Have we started? Uh, about that…


So when IS the best time to start…

When we’ve got all our paperwork in order? Once we’ve finished up a huge project? After we’ve washed the dishes? The list goes on, but there’s only one right answer… NOW!

Like it or not, we often give ourselves excuses as to when we’re embarking on our exciting journey or investing or entrepreneurship, and a chief reason for that? It’s NOT laziness or a lack of motivation. It’s fear.

“If fear can prevent us from potential vital danger, it can also be lethal – kills our dreams, chances, personal development, and passion, prevent us from living our life at maximum.”

– Kim Kiyosaki

The only thing stopping us from progressing is ourselves, simple as that. Are dirty dishes going to stop us from sourcing for a supplier, or is waiting till everything is “prim and proper” going to increase our chances of success? No.

If you want to be a RICH woman, you have to act like a RICH Woman.

Veronica Tan didn’t wait to support her husband (Chairman Mr. Richard Tan) in establishing Success Resources.

Genecia Alluora didn’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow” when building her 200,000-strong international network of female entrepreneurs.

And likewise, Kim Kiyosaki didn’t give herself excuses when building the life she wanted for herself.


Fair Enough, But I Don’t Know What to Do!

That’s why Rich Woman 2019 exists. Regardless of what you want to achieve in the short timespan of life we have, this is THE women-only event that can help you get there, but you have to take the first step.

Thus, our final lesson? Take action now. Start somewhere, even if it’s just a small step that means nothing to anyone (but it will mean the world to you, we promise). Our own personal successes as Success Resources employees either within or outside of the company started from a single, tiny action, and we want to help you with your success stories too.

Words matter. Actions matter. Your Successes matter.

“Words are powerful instruments. Handle them and your understanding level of new information will grow in a spectacular way.”

Kim Kiyosaki

By Rich Women, For Rich Women. We hope to see you there.

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