Benefits of Reflecting… and Teaching!

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Nov 10

Reflective practice can consist of teaching instruction, conducting self-assessments, considering improvements, while problem solving and developing analytical skills.

There are multiple benefits to this, such as:

Enhanced Motivation

After teaching, take a few minutes to assess.

Do this the very same day, since your feelings and memories will be fresh. Be sure to note down the positive experiences, along with the more challenging ones. Later on, you can take the time to find ways to improve those problem areas. 

Boosts Relationship

In terms of student-teacher relationships, it is important as trusts and motivation will build from there to learn.

If you want to help your students to understand your teaching methods, it is important to cultivate positive individual relationships with your students. 

Reflective teaching practises really help you to think about each student as an individual learner with unique needs.  Employing various reflective teaching strategies can help you to analyze your students’ performance, behavior, and needs, while learning more about your students’ personalities and traits.

Improve Student Performance

Of course, this is the most important of all.

We want the very best for our students… and this method is no different. 

Student performance can be improved by using reflective learning practices. Since individual students can reflect on class sessions, they will identify, and improve on their weaknesses to ameliorate their overall performance in a topic. 

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