5 Unusual Myths About Valentine’s Day Everyone (or most…) Believes!

1. Wear Hearts on Your Sleeve

There are numerous interpretations of the phrase "to wear your heart on your sleeve." 

However, as entertaining or even plausible as some of these are, there is no evidence to back them up, leaving us with only conjecture. 

We do know that the phrase first appears in print in Shakespeare's Othello.

2. It’s the Day to Propose

Pop culture brainwashes us into believing that Valentine's Day is the most romantic day to propose or marry. 

However, polls consistently show that (at least according to women), this is simply not the case. The most common reasons for this are that it is too expected, that too many people do the same thing, or that if you marry, you will share your anniversary with countless others.

3. Baby Boom

Because it's a day for romance, you'd think that a lot of pregnancies would result from Valentine's Day "celebrations," but according to these statistics, this isn't the case. Any increases in pregnancies that occur as a result of the holiday are minor at best.

4. The Most Popular Time For Wedding

We've already discussed why most women don't want to get married on February 14th, but some still believe that Valentine's Day, and February in general, are the most popular times to get married in the United States. 

However, neither of these statements is correct, and the month of June is the most popular for weddings.

5. Invented by Hallmark

The modern Valentine's Day celebration or any of its traditions were not invented by Hallmark. Giving cards had been a tradition in England since at least the 1800s, and it was later popularized in the colonies. 

Esther Howland was the first woman in America to mass-produce Valentine's cards.

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