A year to reflect on the true meaning behind Lunar New Year

Now that we have kicked-off the new year of the Gregorian calendar, it’s time to look
forward to the fast approaching Lunar New Year, more commonly known as Chinese New

Lunar New Year falls on Friday, 12 January 2021.
However, the 15-day long celebration will most likely be a quieter one than any previous
years due to the current global situation. Now, before one should get all disappointed about
the lack of red packets (ang pows), round table feasts, firework displays and the nightly card
games, perhaps we should take this subtle hiatus as a reminder of the true spirit behind one of
the most celebrated occasions across many countries.

Truth to be told, many descendants of the modern era have forgotten the original intention
or meaning
behind this auspicious event.

Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is a celebration that serves to celebrate two purposes:
to bring families together and to usher in as much good fortune and prosperity in the
new year as possible.

So much so that, the traditional Lunar or Chinese New Year was the most important
festival on the calendar whereby the entire attention of the household was fixed on the

During this time, business life came nearly to a stop. Home and family were the principal

Perhaps it’s time for those of us in the 21st century to take a leaf out of the lives of our
forefathers and appreciate this special period each year for what it was meant to signify; spending

time with family and loved ones while we still can.

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