Yes, if you feel like you’re going to nod off on that park bench or at the beach, no one will think poorly of you. It’s actually what we are all called to do today, so grab a pillow and be prepared for that magical moment when you can doze off in public.

Oh,. and did you know that there are some crazy “activities” that actually exists?

Host a public group nap

Invite a few friends to celebrate the true spirit of today’s holiday by enjoying a group nap. Grab some blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows (don’t forget the bug spray) and sprawl out in a beautiful public park to catch some Zs.

Make a list

Once you start thinking about it, you’ll likely realize you’ve slept in quite a few public places. Of course, anyone on an airplane, train, or bus could easily check off a public nap. Airports, movie theaters, schools, churches, and shopping malls are also likely spots for a little public shut-eye. Where else have you found yourself fast asleep amongst strangers? Post your list on your social channels today and learn about your friends’ escapades.

Stash an emergency kit in your car

You never know when you may need to pull over for a quick nap when on a long car ride. It’s a good idea to have a pillow and blanket at the ready in your trunk for such occasions so take some time today to stock your car with napping essentials. Eye masks are a plus.

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