1 Breakthrough, 4 Simple Steps

By Cheryl Koo | Education

Apr 12
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We’ve all been there before. The point in our lives where we know we can do better but can’t seem to get past the wall in our way. That feeling that if we could just break free, we could achieve all we were meant to and more.
But rarely are we able to. Instead, we wander around in sideway circles, stagnating and getting stuck in our path. While the rest of the world continues on.
Unfortunately, contrary to popular opinion, this isn’t something that can be overcome through a lucky break or sudden onset of inspiration. The only way you’ll move forward is through massive, purposeful action.
So here’s 4 things you should start doing in order to get that big breakthrough.

1.    Plot Your Patterns

Know Yourself. Find and identify your problems. The important thing is always to know how you react to anything and take steps to prevent or change it if you’re not getting the outcome that you want.
Everyone falls into their own (sadly) predictable patterns when faced with difficulties. The human brain is designed to resist change, ie. If it ain’t broke, don’t change it. The way you approach your problems rarely vary, but if you’re not getting a good result, it’s a big sign that change is needed.
Examine your current position in life, think about where you really want to be, and start identifying what patterns are preventing you from being in that position.

2.    Find Your Purpose

This isn’t really a question that can be answered quickly. Sometimes you’ll find the answer from a sudden flash of realisation, but more often than not it’s true constant introspection and inspection. What do you like to do? Where do you want to be? What is important to you?
These are questions that help you frame your plans forward. Not everybody knows exactly what they’re meant to be, but if you have somewhere you want to be, it’s something to work towards.
Again, remember that humans resist change, so check your patterns regularly so that you don’t fall into any trenches.

3.    Feed Your Mind

Nothing changes is you’re always using the same solutions and approaches you’ve been using all your life. Feed your mind and keep yourself on top of things. Read. Listen. Watch. Always take in newer ideas so that you’ll never find yourself facing the wall and realising that you’ve run dry.
Sometimes, the reason why you can’t break through is because you don’t know how. So find out.

4.    Push Yourself

People try to make safe places for themselves. And that’s perfectly fine – healthy even. But getting stuck in your comfort zone and not daring to step out of it is one way to become stagnant. Push yourself. Make yourself do more. Because if you’re not where you want to be, that’s what you need to do. In fact, push yourself even when you are where you want to be, because there’s always a way to do what you love better.

Breaking Through

In the end, you’ll take a break from all this hard work and realise that you’re actually on track to where you want to be. That your feet have picked up again and are moving forward. Progress happens everyday whenever you work at it – you just don’t notice it enough to realise.
There’s no magical solution to your breakthrough. All there is, is constant, persistent effort and introspection. Check yourself. Review your mistakes. Amend your methods and.
Keep moving forward.

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