Budgeting? How to make it less difficult.

By Arsyraf R | Education

Feb 15
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You are reviewing your monthly expenditure, and you get shocked after looking at the numbers.

You check your savings and it does not look good.

You spent more than you can afford for the past few months.

This is the TIME to take a second look at how you are spending.

Therefore, this only means one thing. Time for budgeting.

You could be thinking, what a cumbersome way to live a life?

But, wouldn’t it make it all the more worthy if it helps you save up for the next mind-blowing vacation or a new car?

Why is it important to live on a budget?

It helps to create a spending plan for the future in order to keep track of all your accounts by simply allocating the desired amount for what you need to be spending on exactly.

Trust me, budgeting will make your life easier.


This really depends on the financial situation you are in at the present moment.

If you have a job, with a decent amount of salary, each month, you can plan to put aside 20% of your savings for an emergency event.

A little too much? Then, maybe you can start off with 10% for emergency funds and 20% for savings.

This is on the basis where you do not have any debts to pay off.


You can really make wonderful savings with automated transfers.

Almost all banks provide this service, and it can happen all at an instantaneous moment.

Especially with Internet banking, companies can now make easy cashless transfers to their employees.

With this, the first thing that comes to mind is that you do not have to worry about directly depositing your cash into the bank.

Why does this matter? With cash in hand, you are tempted to spend more.

In other words, with automated transfers, you can automatically allocate a part of your income to savings without any worries.


Once you’ve got your savings checked, you can now keep track of the rest of your money.

Allocate what you need to spend accordingly, after setting your priorities right.

This means taking account of every single thing that you spend. For instance, coffee for the morning, household item, or lunch.

This is a good habit as subconsciously it helps you to minimize your spending.

Keeping track of almost everything you spend, makes you want to spend less.


If you are finding ways to have a healthy and growing bank account, you are in for a treat.

T.Harv Eker is the master to making the road to riches more simpler.

Following his JARS MONEY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM will get you to the lanes of rich and easy in no time.

What does it include?

  • 55% of your income for necessities
  • 10% of your income to long term savings for spending
  • 10% of your income for play
  • 10% for education
  • 10% for the financial freedom account
  • 5% for charitable donations

You can even do this system if you are earning $1 every week!

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