Business & Investor Summit 2017 Highlights

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Nov 09
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Thank you for attending the Business & Investor Summit 2017! We’ve taken the time to compile a number of videos for each speaker to help you continue to be inspired. If you couldn’t make it to the event, don’t fret! We hope these videos will be able to highlight the important parts of the event for you.

Richard Tan

If you’ve felt you’ve learned what Richard Tan, the CEO & Chairman of Success Resources, and wish to take it to the next level, do consider being a part of our SuccessLife project! More details here. Do drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at +65 6299 4677.

Robert Kiyosaki

It was a blast having Robert Kiyosaki come to Singapore to not only grace our event, but to also impart his knowledge and experience in terms of managing your finances and more importantly, to not be stuck in the economic system we’re in.

Peng Joon

Continue your education with Peng Joon’s “Internet Income Intensive Workshop” here!

Andrew Cordle

Continue your education with Andrew Cordle’s “U.S. Real Estate Investment Workshop” here!

Jonathan Por & Grace Lim (PIF Capital)

Continue your education with “Jonathan & Grace’s Master Capital Wisdom Workshop” here!

Sandy Jadeja

Continue your education with Sandy Jadeja’s “Trading Strategies for Short Term Fast Profits” Training Course here!

Tom Wheelwright

Continue your education with Tom Wheelwright’s “Building Tax Free Wealth” Course here!
We hope that through these videos you’ve been reinvigorated to take action, or at the very least have a glimpse of the immense value these speakers provided our audience.
Either way, see you at the next event!
P.S. If you’ve attended our event and still have not completed our post-event survey, please do so here in order for us to continually improve our events to give you the best possible experience every time!

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