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Aug 30

Time Waits for No One

By Zhafran H | Education

The passing of time is unstoppable & it will march on regardless of what anyone says or does One of the main reasons why some people can’t achieve the best version of themselves is because of procrastination.  We always think to ourselves, “Oh I can do that later”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow”, or anything […]

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Aug 23

Why Are Goals So Important?

By Zhafran H | Education

  You’ve likely come across a point in your life where you sat yourself down and thought about your goals and dreams, then contemplated how you could realistically achieve them. You’ve probably written them down and written them in positives. Ask yourself this: “Why Are Goals So Important?” The answer is simple. With goals, we […]

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May 17

[NAC] It was a blast!

By Stephanie Lucas | Education

  What happens when a group of master thinkers come together? You get to experience the first-hand effect of pure intelligence all at one go. And this was evidently experienced at the National Achievers Congress 2019. All the participants had the chance to listen to the world’s best speakers. Who were they? GRANT CARDONE GARY […]

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Apr 12

[WATCH THIS: If you want to have ANY chance to make money safely from the stock market]

By Arsyraf R | Education

  🕵️‍♀️Would you rather listen to what the MEDIA says…or listen to the man who has predicted 4 stock market crashes correctly? 🕵️‍♀️Would you rather do your own research, make silly mistakes, waste time and lose money…or listen to someone who is a LEGEND in profiting from the stock market? 🕵️‍♀️Look, there is just TOO […]

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