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By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Oct 13
  1. Make excuses.

Not the ones that make you procrastinate.

Instead of focusing on reasons why you shouldn't leave, start finding excuses to pursue your dream career.

When you're in a job you dislike, it's easy to stay put and accept the steady stream of incoming paychecks. Leaving a company includes an element of risk, and it's easy to compose a mental list of excuses why you shouldn't pursue your dream. In the end, these reasons only lead to more frustration and dissatisfaction in your current job.

  1. Profit from Passion.

Doing what you love is the best feeling ever… and earning a paycheck from it is even better. Start off by narrowing down your interests, and what you love doing everyday. It could be an existing hobby, or even something new (which you shouldn’t be shy off trying). Turn it into a business, monetise it. Do coaching, selling services that you enjoy, whatever it takes. Most of the successful and wealthy ones focus on the process of building up the idea of making money from what they love doing everyday. This way, you will never get burned out and your passion will grow even stronger.

  1. Start slow, and join classes

Don’t rush it. It can be quite confusing on what the next step is. Finding the right classes and mentor can be a MASSIVE help to your journey.

Not only are you getting first-hand advice from someone who has already done it, you will have a greater chance of quick success simply because the known roadblocks have mostly been trampled down for you by your mentor / class of choice. No obstacles = faster progress = faster success!

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