World Cup! Germany’s epic fail

By Cheryl Koo | Education

Jun 29
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All around the world, fans weep as the former 5-times World Cup winner fell to an old rival. In Germany, newspapers are thrumming with anguish as they report their loss to Brazil.

Online, things have gotten quite a bit heated, often with Germany fans reminiscing the 2014 battle when the Brazil had lost a humiliating 7-1 against their supported team.

On the home front

Germany’s most popular newspaper is “speechless” as it contrasts its front page from June 2014 – after the national team inflicted a 7-1 semi-final defeat on Brazil on its way to winning the World Cup – with its Thursday edition.

The headline is the same. The story is not.

“Over and out,” says Die Welt, next to a picture of a crestfallen Toni Kroos. He had looked like Germany’s saviour after a stunning late winner against Sweden. But he was unable to haul his team into the second round.

Similar laments are echoed from other German medias. The rest of the world, though, was less sympathetic.

Rest of the world

Schadenfreude (noun, feminine): Taking pleasure in the misfortune of others

British football fans, most of whom have seen their country fall at the first hurdle in a World Cup tournament, will recognise it as they pick up their papers on Thursday morning.

There was also a liberal dose of schadenfreude in Brazil, the nation that suffered its most humiliating footballing defeat against Germany in its home World Cup in 2014.

Readers of O Globo are invited to see images of dejected Germans, while viewers of Fox Sports Brazil are invited to laugh at them.

Credit: The Guardian

And then…there’s Mexico

In thanks to South Korea for knocking out Germany in the following match – helping Mexico qualify for the next round as a result – Mexico fans have been ambushing random South Koreans.

To say, “Thank You.”

But the mob wasn’t done with their march of gratitude. They stormed their way to the South Korean Embassy instead.

And had a shot of tequila with the South Korean consul general, Byoung Jin-Han.

Now that’s a way to celebreate the world cup!