GST Vouchers, to save or invest? Choose the latter.

By Stephanie Lucas | Education

Mar 01
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Let’s cut to the chase.

Where there is MORE MONEY, there is MORE HAPPINESS.  

And this is the exact direction the Singapore Budget is heading towards this 2019. Although it expects an overall budget deficit of 3.5 billion, the country has set aside a good $4.6 billion for the next 3 years.

What’s the first thing Singaporeans will think of after looking at these numbers?

The Bicentennial Bonus, of course!

This year, the lower income Singaporeans will be receiving GST VOUCHERS of $300.

Do not let it go to waste as this is the perfect opportunity to start investing. Don’t worry, you can also start small! 

Primary and secondary school students have been included as well.

They will get a $150 top-up to their Edusave accounts.

While 17 to 20-year-old Singaporeans will be receiving $500 in their Post-Secondary Education Accounts.

This will be benefiting around 570, 000 students!

300, 000 older Singaporeans will also be receiving a top-up of $300 and $1,000 in their CPF accounts.

A CPF top-up of $1, 000 for eligible Singaporeans aged between 50 – 64 will also be contributed by the government.

It is safe to say that the government has gone above well and beyond to include ALMOST EVERYONE in this year’s budget.

What else does the budget entail? Take a closer look!


Singapore companies have it going this year! 100 million dollars is being tapped upon for firms to grow.

Experienced professionals can leverage on this to bring their expertise to the plate.

Hence, this acts as an economic opportunity for the working people of the country.

As we invest in them, they will also be able to invest in themselves and the money they sow.

One significant growth area this year is the BLOCKCHAIN industry. All the more reason to learn to invest the right way. We can bring the SKILLS and TOOLS to you with a snap of a finger.

Where can this happen?

I am talking about INVESTOMANIA – where money matters and grows.


What’s in the making for Budget 2019? More healthy Singaporeans!

The CHAS subsidies will welcome you to an array of affordable treatments for common illnesses as well as chronic conditions too!

Passion Silver Card holders will be receiving a $100 top-up for fitness activities at community centres.

There will also be a Medisave top-up of $200 per year for 5 years!

Outpatient healthcare services will also be subsidised.

This means that Singaporeans can invest more time in their HEALTH.

With better health, they can put more focus and energy into INVESTING TO ACCUMULATE their personal WEALTH.

I mean, all that MONEY made can be used for EVEN better healthcare services and activities!


Image: Donald Duck 

4.6 billion. That’s a huge number right?

The government has set aside this pool of money to support Singaporean workers over the next 3 years.

Singaporeans can look forward to higher pays, raises and bonuses! KA-CHING.

With more money, management strategies can be improved and this can lead to better profits! Mary Buffett tells you how to do it at INVESTOMANIA.

This leaves more avenue for investing and nothing EVER goes WRONG when the time is RIGHT.

2019 could actually be the year for you to GET SUCCESSFUL out of investing.

Since the budget 2019 is bringing in THE money for Singaporeans, then it is wise to follow Warren Buffett’s rules in the light of events. They are;

Rule No.1: Never Lose Money.

Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No. 1

“Buffettology” is high in demand in the investing world as it dives deep to tell you the tips and tricks of value investing. Take it from the Buffetts as they are experts in the field.

If you are thinking of MAKING MORE MONEY, then Mary Buffett will let you in on the modern financial trends and strategies for the layman.

After attending this event you will discover how to;


Join Mary Buffett at INVESTOMANIA now and slide your way into winning the financial game of life.

PS: It takes money to make money!





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