How To Build A Lifestyle Systems to Achieve Life Goals

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Apr 22

If you’re here reading this, you most likely have tried to set a goal and failed.  

Most people do. 

After setting a goal, what do you usually do next? 

It’s a common notion that goal-setting is a big factor in achieving success. While there’s truth to that, it’s also a mistake to take goals as if they’re the be-all and end-all. Much of people’s successes are owed to the system they make their lifestyle.

Setting Goals vs. Building Systems

The age-old advice when it comes to pursuing anything favors setting goals. It applies to everything that mirrors the most common definitions of success: building a business, being closer to friends and family, having free time for all your interests outside of work, staying healthy, all while having less stress. Each one is a goal to conquer. 

Ultimately this translates to making habits a goal too. The action steps that you need to repeat day in and day out are individual goals in themselves that need to be checked off. This creates a bit of pressure on things that you probably would normally be motivated to do under different circumstances. Unfortunately, the pressure is what leads people to fail on their habits.

How to Build Systems Around Your Goals:  Famous Success Stories

Goals are merely motivators. They’re the “big why” that life and business mentors always reference. They’re the ultimate reason for why you do the things you do. The systems are actually what you do. It fuels that goal. 

I would be lying if I told you work-life balance is something that can be achieved at one time and continues on that way forever. If you’re trying to be an entrepreneur, there will always come a point in time when work becomes your life. 

I don’t know what your circumstances are right now but it will be different from person to person. If you’re a hands-on employee in your company or a lone ranger trying to build your own business, it’s always important to build a system around what works for you.

 That’s why I wouldn’t give you steps or tips to create lifestyle systems to achieve your goals. You probably already know that. Instead, I’m giving you an example of how lifestyle systems apply to achieving success. 

Lifestyle systems that no other person is willing to do will set you apart from just being a person with a goal. 

 It’s going to push you into being an action-taker. 

Here is  a person who became legendary names in his respective fields and beyond because of the systems he religiously did to achieve success, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Michael Jordan

Even the most clueless and indifferent person about the world of sports and basketball would have heard the name of Michael Jordan. He’s a living legend by many standards and even his peers would claim that he’s the best basketball player of all time.

 His skill and legacy were predicated since his first season in the NBA. Up to this day, some of the best players in the league would mention him as a vital role model for their career.

 In his early years, one of his goals was to get into a basketball team in his high school. Unfortunately, he wasn’t accepted. This is what gave way to the most popular story about how Jordan achieved the level of skill he showcased during his NBA career — doing 100 jump shots every day even during the off season.

 That was his system. In a way, Jordan’s rejection worked in his favor because it was the announcement letter pinned to the wall that didn’t have his name on it that pushed him to work harder than most.

 Phil Jackson, his coach, attributed much of his achievements to the grit and hard work that he has put in. The lifestyle he did is more than what other players were willing to do.

Don’t Just Make Goals — Create Systems That Directly Apply to Your Life

This is not a glorification of being a workaholic. I personally took the time to select Michael Jordan’s success stories because they exemplified grit in the best way. This personality became legend in his respective fields and beyond because he built systems that led to his level of success, even if he didn’t set out to do that consciously.

 These may be rare cases that really take a genius or a legend, but his method of creating systems instead of merely chasing goals can be duplicated in many ways for you to achieve yours. 

 Fall in love with systems, then success will inherently follow.

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