How to Provide a Sense of Accomplishment for your Team!

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Oct 26
  1. Set realistic, but achievable targets!

Having a target that seems too complicated, unachievable, or like it's too far outside their skill-set…’re more than likely to feel disheartened and overwhelmed.

When employees, or human beings in general feel that they’re capable of completing any specific tasks that are given to them, they will feel motivated to do it well. 

That said, it is also important to challenge your employees. Most people will get bored with repetitive tasks, therefore setting achievable, but not overwhelming targets will allow them to grow further.

  1. Support, but never micromanage.

Admit it, we hate it when people are breathing on our necks on every task we do… especially if it’s your team leader or boss.

Trust and freedom must be applied to every team. By micromanaging them, it can foster a sense of mistrust and frustration between employees and management… which basically degrades the performance of that individual.

By allowing them to prosper freely, it gives positive reinforcements and praise along the way. Therefore a higher sense of accomplishment in the end.

  1. Failures are constructive.

Sometimes things will not go to plan… but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. It’s natural for failure to be part of any projects, and the last thing the team needs are degrading comments, or actions executed towards them.

Sit down with your team, talk to them about what could have been done better. GEtting their feedback as well as giving your own, so you can fully support them further to prevent these issues. As we mentioned, positive reinforcement are what encourages people to push further.

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