How to Unleash Your Inner Power for Success

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Aug 24
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The most important ingredient for success is conditioning your mind to reduce the time needed to improve and reinforce your skills in various areas.

It can involve areas as diverse as golf to pistol shooting. This conditioning involves you, who have had less success at this point but determination and the basic skills, assuming internal models that as close as possible to those which the more successful person has developed through their greater training and experience.

You still need the knowledge to do the task; handle the gun or aim your golf ball, and the physical capacity to support your actions but, using this technique can markedly reduce the time needed to improve the results that you get.

You are, in effect, using the expert’s “recipe” (internal model) to produce a better result than you could get with the one that you have built up inside your own mind and muscles at this point.

You will probably not equal their results during the training process, but your rate of improvement will be more rapid from that time onward. You may also need to train yourself to accept that the rate of improvement is really possible. Many of our limitations are imposed by our own poor self-beliefs.

Sometimes that mental limitation is reinforced by our parents and our peers, too.

So, we model the methods of those who are getting the results that we desire. Then, we produce a mental image of us doing the task more successfully than ever before. This might be from a viewpoint inside your own body or as a movie where you are watching yourself doing it.

Some people are more comfortable with one method or the other but you should try each method and not just stay with the first one that you try all the time. Using one method will be better for you with some activities, while you’ll get better results with the other in different situations.

A particular method will not always be the best for everyone that is engaged in the same activity because our circumstances, belief systems and ability vary greatly. So, if one type of mental image does not help you much for some task that you are trying to improve your results with, clear your mind and create the other type of movie (internal or external view).

Of course, you will find that the benefit you get from these techniques will improve as you use them a few more times and become more confident about their effectiveness.

If you don’t get the sort of results that you expect with both types of mental reinforcement, you may need to study the expert more closely; your modelling may not be based on sufficiently accurate and detailed information of the expert’s approach and techniques.

Use Positives to Reduce Negative Influences

Another powerful technique that will accelerate your path to success is to consistently fill your mind with positive thoughts – and reject or, at least, reduce the impact of negative influences that may be around you.

When a particular problem is pressing on you to the point that it’s affecting your work or personal life, it can help to write out the problem and all the possible outcomes. Some people can do this just as a mental exercise, but others find that they can focus better by writing it all down.

Now, consider the worst outcome and how important would the impact of it really be?

People that go through this exercise often realise that they have assigned greater importance to the matter and brought more suffering on themselves than necessary because the most feared outcome may be much less likely and its impact not as critical as they had feared. If that is true for the matter you are dwelling on, then just crumple the paper and dispose of it.
If the matter is truly serious, the exercise of writing it down will help you to see the best options that you can use to deal with it, so that you can take action.

And, after all, taking action when you have worked out the different possibilities first, is the best way to handle any problem.

Anchor Yourself in the Good Times

There are many strategies that help people improve their lives and relationships. One such strategy is ‘Anchoring’, which helps reproduce your most pleasurable and successful actions and combat the effects of any negative conditioning which you have stored within yourself.

When you achieve a particularly good result with something (such as a golf stroke), or feel particularly good at a social gathering (enjoying a joke with friends or after a really nice meal), anchor the feeling that is in your mind so that you can quickly recall it at other times when you may be finding it hard to stay motivated or upbeat.

You just need to do something that you don’t do as part of your normal routine and associate the action with the pleasure you are feeling at that moment. You might, for instance, touch your right shoulder with your left hand or, less obviously, touch the thumb and a particular finger of the same hand together.

Do it a few times while the good feeling is still fresh – that helps your new ‘anchor’ to get a firm hold in your subconscious mind.

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