How to ‘unstick’ your business – by Jay Abraham

By Cheryl Koo | Education

Oct 19
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Before we dive straight into ‘unsticking’ businesses, we need to tell you about how big a fan we are of Jay Abraham.

Lots of people from the western world might know his name because he is such a legendary figure in the world of marketing…but not so many know about him in Asia, or even just Singapore.

If you don’t know Jay Abraham, then let’s first start with his title: the world’s highest paid marketing consultant.

That is in no way an exaggeration.

As a marketer, he has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries, and over 7,200 sub industries, worldwide.

If you think about the fact that he’s 69 years old this year and started working since he was a teenager, you’ll realize that he has an incredible amount of experience that we should all tap on.

And what’s better?

He has made himself available as a resource to tap on. He provides plenty of free content (described as ‘gratis’ content) on his website and even put 2 of his bestselling books online for free: 

  1. Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got
  2. The Sticking Point Solution

So, what kind of value can I get from Jay Abraham?

Well here’s an excerpt from the introduction of The Sticking Point. (We’ve bolded some of the parts we found the most useful)

“A ‘stuck’ business, whether entrepreneurial in nature or a Fortune 500 company, is one that fails to grow predictably every year, every quarter, every day. If you’re being carried along by the marketplace, then the moment the marketplace dries up, your business is going to dry up, too, because you’re not in control of your destiny. In good times, stuck businesses don’t even realize they’re stuck!

Imagine that a business made $100,000 last year and $110,000 this year. They could argue that they are growing, but in actuality they’re only growing because of the organic growth of their market, not because of any proactive or strategic action their taking. So when the market dries up, it takes stuck companies down with it.

The top 4 reasons for stagnation, in my experience, are the following:

  1. Not incorporating growth thinking into everything a business owner does;
  2. Not measuring, monitoring, comparing, or quantifying results;
  3. Not having the detailed, strategic marketing plan with specific performance growth expectations; and
  4. Not knowing how to set appropriate, specific goals.

These problems are magnified in tough economic times.

And that’s not all we learn from just the introduction alone. Jay goes ahead to share the ways to ‘unstick’ a business:

Break down your numbers

Not just month to month, year to date, and year to year, but also into categories like how many leads, how many new sales by product, average sale, and average product-source.

Then, you analyze any and all correlations, implications, and anomalies this data tells you.

Have as systematic, strategic process in place

Designed in a predictable, sustainable, and continuous manner to bring in prospects and first-time buyers, and keep advancing and enhancing them forward to recurring purchases in a predictable enough manner that you can look at your numbers today and accurately predict what your business will be like in ninety days, one hundred days, or some other time frame.

The gist? You’re able to engineer specific, predictable growth, year after year, because you’re zigging while your competitor zags.

Produce not just incremental gains but exponential gains year after year

Harness the little understood power of business generating to drive multiplied sales and profits.

For example, Costco studied its numbers and realized it made more money from selling memberships than from selling goods in its stores! So it tailors its advertising and marketing to bring people back into the stores to buy things on a regular basis…so they will continue to keep their memberships in good standing.

Have clarity about all of the factors that affect your business

And you will realize none of them are insurmountable.

In fact, the vast majority can be improved upon. You now see the potential income in any business situation and how to make it work for you in a most enriching manner.

Understand your competitors’ appeal, advantage, and differentiation in the market

And you will know how to pre-empt these advantages, or successfully counterposition
yourself against them. You learn why certain consumers buy from your competitors and not from you, and you know how to change that.

Know the alternative products and services that your prospects can buy in lieu of your products and services

Including taking no action at all.

And you can prove to them that choosing you represents the most astute decision any buyer could make. You know how to motivate and persuade them to take action and make buying decisions.

Incorporate growth thinking into everything you do

Every action you take, every investment you make, every contact you forge with your buyer or marketplace.

Let’s take Kevin Trudeau as an example. Trudeau is famous for his books on memory and health cures. He is also a master of the infomercial. You want to know the secret to

success? Trudeau succeeds because he would first run ads before he set prices! He would see how many calls per thousand viewers an infomercial generated…and set his pricing accordingly to maximize his profits.

And there’s much more where that came from.

if you’re now itching to pick up the book all this information is from, it’s right here. But we also want to let you know about this amazing opportunity to listen to the legendary marketing guru live.

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