Importance of Health During Lockdown

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Jun 09
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For many of us, getting our regular dose of exercise is not possible anymore, with the closure of gyms and public swimming pools… and only a few of us are lucky enough to have an exercise bike or treadmill available at home.

However, we are fortunate enough that there are plenty of simple exercises that you can do around the house or with household objects that will work instead, such as below:


You can start gardening as your everyday hobby, to keep that body of yours moving. Squatting while weeding and planting will strengthen your core and glutes, carrying your watering can and various tools will tone your arms, and mowing the lawn is a real cardio workout and great for your heart health.


While it sounds simple enough, don’t underestimate the potential of a good summer clean-fest. Many of us don’t really consider the fitness benefits of cleaning, but you can actually make it a real workout. Plus… there’s an additional benefit of a sparkling clean household!

Using household objects as weights

You don’t need expensive equipment to stay healthy. Sure, they may make things easier, but it doesn’t make it impossible to exercise without one. Grab cans of beans or a bag of rice for the most effective (zero-cost) workout! Oh, did i mention that stairs can be an awesome treadmill substitute as well?

These are some of the ideas you can incorporate into your daily exercises! Sure, exercising while on lockdown isn’t as easy as it seems… but better than none at all. Remember, never neglect your health as it is the most vital part of a good, and long life.

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