Important Things you DID NOT know about Youtube!

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Jul 19

Subscribers… Do they matter?

Short answer, not really. Think of subscribers as a form of community that loves what your channel puts out. Having 100k subscribers and 500k subscribers does not necessarily mean you will earn more, or less.

What comes down to earnings from Youtube is generally views. Put it this way…

...More people view your videos = Youtube pays you more.

And no, subscribers are not the main force behind video massive views. If you think about it, not all of your subscribers watch your videos. After all, people will get bored or burned out, plus they have tons of other creators to watch too. So instead, focus on bringing in NEW people, and cater to those audiences that you WANT to bring into your community. 

Too competitive...

Another mistake that new content creators think too much about. Yes, competition does exist, but it’s not the reason why your videos are “not gaining views”, or “I should have started back in 2005”.

True, competition has been way lesser and it was much easier to grow a channel few years ago. However, the Youtube Algorithm knows this, and will promote videos / channels that have a HIGH ENGAGEMENT on their videos. Think about it, if your video sucks… people leave. 

Youtube doesn’t want that, do they?

Need money to start…

Perhaps one of the most common excuses for people. 

If you actually watched Youtube everyday, you will realize that not all popular channels or videos are made by expensive equipment, or in a big studio.

Having a phone that is able to shoot videos is more than enough (do improve mic quality though!). Remember this, as long as you know what audiences you are aiming for, growing a loyal audience and subscribers is not as hard as you might think it is.

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