It’s the month of April Fool but….

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Apr 08

Everyone loves a good laugh anytime.

However, maintaining a positive sense of high all the time is impossible, and might just affect the way we relate, perceive and connect with the world around us.

There are multitudes of other perspectives human beings allow to influence the way they live, but here are the 5 most common ones:

1. Believing your thoughts and feelings define reality
Do they? The answer is NO. While each of us like to believe that there is power in our thoughts and emotions, the reality is …we get caught in the trap of believing that every thought that goes through our heads (and the feelings the thoughts foster) is the truth. But if you examine and challenge your thoughts, you will see how few of them reflect reality.

2. Accepting perceived limitations
When we only try to look at the positive side of any situation in order to find something humorous about it, we are invertedly closing off any negative or unpleasantness that makes us uncomfortable. Hence, creating a very narrow perspective that limits ourselves…something which we unfortunately, happily accept.

3. Living beyond your means
People spend more than they make for a variety of reasons. Some are poor money managers. Others believe they deserve or need the things they want whether or not they can afford them. And others delude themselves into believing the debt won't catch up with them. Regardless of the reasons, living a lifestyle like this fools you into a false sense of comfort until your debts come knocking.

4. Looking for happiness outside of yourself
To find happiness in life is definitely on everyone’s list – it might not be the main priority but chances are, it’s there. But in our search to have this presence in our life, most of us trick ourselves into believing that happiness can only be given by someone or something. To quote Louise Armstrong - “Happiness is NOT out there, it's in YOU!”.

5. Believing you can control everything
This might not apply to everyone as it depends highly on the type of personality and attitude one adopts towards the world. But if you’re someone who dislikes risks and have the need to be in control or find certainty in everything, the crash you’ll experience when life doesn’t turn out how you want it to will be devastating.

And that’s the 5 points that should not be taken as a joke! Not only does it compromise your relationship with family, friends and loved ones, the future of your personal development and growth is also potentially at risk.

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