Less Than 24 Hours Left! Huat Your Money This CNY

By Arsyraf R | Education

Jan 28
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You may be cleaning up your house and preparing for Chinese New Year.

But… have you cleaned up your life, financially?

Many people want to look good in front of their relatives, have the flashiest clothes and cars and what not.

But their bank accounts are a ticking time bomb and it tells a different story altogether.

Looking flashy and cool. Yes. But they’re almost going broke.

So… if you would like to have a healthy and thriving bank account PLUS a balanced and happy life, I’ve got a suggestion that you may like.

It’s the Millionaire Mind Intensive Program in Singapore.

I’m sharing this with you because the ticket prices are going at 80% OFF just for this Chinese New Year period.

And because I want you to have a HUAT and prosperous new year (and the coming years too, of course)

People are already buying tickets in large quantities this CNY period.

Some are buying 4 tickets… to 10 tickets at one go for their families and friends.

The Millionaire Mind Intensive has been running for 12 years in Singapore and taught to 1.5 million people worldwide.

It’s rock solid and life-changing for the participants.

NAC I attended this programme in 2008 and it changed my life. I’ve been financially free now for the last 5 years and that would most likely not have happened without this course. The energy, teaching style and content is outstanding. – Samuel
NAC It was a fantastic experience. I learned a lot and began the next day with the jars. My action mode went higher and I’m so excited to learn more and do more every day. I recommend this, you have to experience it, it will change your view for the better – Sharlene
NAC Life changing weekend, so glad we decided to go! We really gave this event our 100% and walked away with a new and optimistic attitude for how we manage our money. Super excited! – Justin



BONUS: If you buy your tickets before 28th Jan, you will get the following FREEBIES (*if you’re one of the first 50 buyers)

#1Limited edition Hong Bao packet from Success Resources (save money on hong baos, you don’t need to buy extra red packets this CNY. Get our limited edition, FREE)

#2Free copy of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

#3. Up to 80% discount on the tickets if you buy before 28th Jan 2019.

Many people over the years have also ‘’huat!’’ and benefitted from the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

It’s time to enhance your life, work on your money mindset, add more dollars to your bank account using proven strategies taught in the Millionaire Mind Intensive.


P.S: This deal won’t be around for long, so book before 28th Jan!
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