M for Mommy, M for Mentor

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

May 07

The care, concern and pure love of a mother is to be celebrated every day. While she is the primary comfort giver in every family unit, let’s not forget her tireless role in our lives as the unintentioned mentor.

When mummy tells a bedtime story with a moral hidden in it, reprimands us for doing something wrong, showers us with kisses and plates of our favourite food, leads by example with the way she juggles her work and family life — she sets the foundation for the rest of our life!

Growing up, we embody not just the DNA but also uncanny personality traits, ethics and values from our mothers, making them our ultimate mentors. Afterall, what is the role of an ultimate mentor?

  • To push us to be the best version of ourselves.

  • To lead by example and embody the life principles they wish for us to follow.

  • Be our unconditional cheerleaders in every stage of life.

We often desperately seek various mentors for different areas of our life. But who can add more genuine value than a mother?

They might not be super fluent in Snapchat or millennial jargon, but when it comes to the fundamentals of life — they are our Mega Influencers!

This Mother’s Day, don’t just thank her for being an amazing mum, thank her for being a tireless mentor!

I've had many mentors, but the one that has the most impact was my mother.
- Ursula Burns
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