Making Money on Youtube 101

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Jul 19

By the way, you don’t actually need a massive amount of views to earn money. Here are some of the main ways you can earn money from Youtube, especially if you are new!

Google Ad Revenue

The most common way that everybody gets to experience passive income on Youtube after getting monetized, is via advertisements on your videos. Youtube pays you to allow their ads to come up onto your video, which can be a MASSIVE source of income if your views are in the thousands. However, getting monetized and becoming a Youtube Partner takes some time and commitment. So not everyone can experience this first hand…

...which is why the 2nd point is important.

Income without massive subscribers or views?

Definitely possible, and done by many new youtubers that haven’t hit the Youtuber Partnership requirements… and that is affiliate marketing.

This is extremely powerful. Do you know Youtube automatically promotes your videos to those who are part of your target audiences? And because of that, you can simply place affiliate links into your video description, and you will earn money from anyone who purchases your product/service through there. This is extremely powerful as you don’t need to put extra effort into google ads or advertising. Youtube does it for you.

Top this up with google ads that appear on your video after being a Youtube Partner, it easily adds up to a respectable amount of side income (or maybe full-time) for you!

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