Making New Year Resolutions that Last

By Super User | Education

Dec 20
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Make new year resolutions that last

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As we’re nearing the New Year, it’s time once again to focus on what you want to achieve for 2018. Most people tend to create New Year Resolutions, but did you know that 95% of people end up giving up on their resolutions ONLY 2 weeks into the New Year?

Most people begin their New Year’s strong, but end weak because they merely hope to achieve their goals by saying it. It makes them feel good about themselves and gives them a false sense of accomplishment.

See where the problem is? It’s common sense that if you set a goal for yourself, you have to take action to achieve it, but most people are either unwilling or don’t know how to.

So what is a resolution, really? Tony Robbins explains more about what a resolution and vision REALLY means, and how to set goals that you WILL achieve for a New Year, and a True You:

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