[MOTC 2019] The legendary 1-minute V-logger!

By Stephanie Lucas | Education

May 28
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I’m sure you still want to pursue your childhood dreams of being an actress, or a national athlete, or something that just seems so out of grasp right now.

That’s why we invited a video maker…but not just any video guy, but Nuseir Yassin, from Nas Daily, down to Masters Of The Century.

See, Nas has always wanted to do videos and travel the world. No 9 to 5 job in an office would allow him to do that.

But he said screw that, I’m doing what I want, and no one’s stopping me!

Armed with a video camera, a dream, and an idea to make short 1 min documentaries in beautiful cities all over the world, he set forth to make his dreams come true.

In just 1000 days!

Now seen as an inspiration for millions looking to achieve their childhood dreams, we couldn’t help ourselves but tried our best to get him on stage.

Along with other giants, to speak to you on how you can live your best life!

If you want to check out his story, visit our Facebook page.


Not many know that Masters of the Century is a platform for many of the world’s best speakers to come together and speak on one legendary stage.

They have battle-tested strategies up their sleeves and their intellect on subject matters is certainly of no match.

As humans, we all have critical areas in life that we have to deal with.

And frankly speaking, in order to achieve a successful breakthrough in life, we need the help of mentors –  which you can most definitely get from the Masters of the Century.


There are many things we can learn from mentors, and we always ponder – how do they go about doing the things they do and keep up at their game.

Nuseir Yassin aka Nas Daily, is one to learn from if you want to ace this part of becoming successful in v-logging, social media, or in life in general.

Basically, stay true to what you love…

He is a prime example of someone who goes above and beyond to do what he loves.

If you don’t do what you are passionate about, life becomes meaningless.

Nuseir took it to his own to create meaning out of his life and the videos he creates.

He says, “I am going to ignore my looks and background and I am going to say whatever I want to say.”

We all can agree. He said it right.


When you’re in pursuit of something, being bold takes you far.

It’s all about taking that ONE STEP to make that daring change or that unfathomable decision.

Nuseir took the decision to exchange his laptop for a video camera.

And that is an action that speaks louder than a thousand words.


Nuseir literally turned the screen out of his face and onto the world!

If you are a spectator to his charm and honesty on screen, it will be great to see him live in person.

You can do so, at Masters of the Century this year in Singapore!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this! 


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