[MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL] Gary Vee tells all about his mother!

By Stephanie Lucas | Education

May 09
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They’re incredible, isn’t it?

We can only expect the best from them. And there’s nothing that can surpass the immense love they can give us.

This Mother’s Day, we have churned out something special for you!

If you want to have a closer peek into Gary Vee’s emotional side as he talks about his mother, then this is your chance.

You don’t get to see this from the one and only Gary Vee every day.


Everyone looks up to their mother as someone who can trample on battlefields.

They are the ones who lead us through tolls and troubles.

The strength they uphold is unbelievable, but really satisfying to watch.

They literally “hustle” through life!

Similarly, Gary Vee finds inspiration from the struggles of his mother. We all need to get dips on the woman who raised him up to be the man he is today. For someone who had to endure her family members being killed, losing her mother at 5 years old to the Soviet Union – Tamara was incredibly strong.

The best part of it all, she faces them without complaints.

Here’s something to learn this coming Mother’s Day especially from Gary Vee.

After this, let’s hope we can recognise the workings of a great mother as we watch our own, fight their battles.


“Success is 100% attributable to how I was raised.”

Gary Vee describes his mother as perfect as she was able to figure out what was best for him and his siblings.

It is no wonder that Gary Vee is outstanding in the way he is.

Tamara could clearly identify his strengths and always encouraged him to work on them.

More importantly, she keeps him grounded and teaches him to respect the value in others.

This is why he is able to charm a crowd and keep them on their toes.


Retrieved from: https://www.spektrix.com/us/blog/the-importance-of-roi-us

In today’s modern world, we always get caught up with how successful we want to be.

We get stuck asking questions like what is the ROI of our businesses, colleagues, partners.

And in the process, we tend to forget that our mothers are actually the creators of the blueprint of our ROI.

Just like how Gary Vee puts it, “The ROI of my own mother is everything.”

He owes it to his mother, for his success.

The way she parented him is the reason behind his contagious confidence and passion to do what he loves to do.

So now we know why he hustles like a pro!

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