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By Stephanie Lucas | Education

May 17
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What happens when a group of master thinkers come together?

You get to experience the first-hand effect of pure intelligence all at one go.

And this was evidently experienced at the National Achievers Congress 2019.

All the participants had the chance to listen to the world’s best speakers.

Who were they?





They all have special accomplishments that deserve the best attention.

Their words pack a punch and trust me, you wouldn’t want to stop listening to them.

Here’s a little about what they spoke at NAC…


This man does not need any formal introduction.

He is a professional real estate guru, who built his $566 million portfolios of multifamily properties from scratch.

From this, we know that Grant Cardone clearly has grit. He does not play it easy and learns greatly from the hard knocks of life.

He was rocking it on stage, and everyone loved him!

There’s a lot to learn from Grant, especially about money making.

Here are some words of wisdom from the man himself, “There’s no shortage of money in this world. Start hustling.”

If you want to hear more from him, listen to our exclusive interview with Grant Cardone over here: http://bit.ly/2HcSbUw


We all know Gary Vee is THE legend when it comes to great content marketing.

He deserves all praises, just because he pushes content that is relevant, consistent and adaptable.

What do I mean by this?

It is juicy content that can resonate to people!

Take, for instance, a V-log series is just enough to capture enough eyeballs as it has consistency.

It holds on to undivided attention for a long time and has the ability to adapt to changes in trends within the social media space.

Yes, this man can most definitely achieve that with his content!

NAC gets better with Peng Joon and Sandy Jadeja…

Peng Joon teaching about the dos and don’ts of online wealth creation.

There are certain techniques to smart investing, and this man is the go-to guy to learn more about investing methods such as technical trading.

Here’s Grant speaking at the VIP lunch. He gives some real advice about life, work and money-making. If you’re in need of a mentor, he is one to follow!

This event was naturally epic, and to get updates on other similar ones do check out our updates on Success Resources’s Instagram page over here: https://www.instagram.com/successresourcessg/

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