National Achievers Congress Singapore 2018! #KeepHustling!

By Cheryl Koo | Education

Jul 18
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Last weekend was an exciting one for us and it wasn’t because of the 2nd NE show that was happening. Nope, we were bustling about because of the National Achievers Congress that was happening at Suntec Convention Center!

For 2 whole days, we had a fantastic lineup of speakers who went onstage to share their stories, their experiences, give advice and answer questions.

Of the big names that we invited, there was Gary Vaynerchuk, the social media whiz also hailed as one of the best online influencers in the world and Chatri Sityodtong, Asia’s king of martial arts and owner of a million-dollar sports media company.

But that wasn’t all that happened! Behind the scenes, we had a roving media team that went around sneaking photos and videos!

Our Friendly Staff!

Please show her your ticket! She’ll also answer any queries that you have, but in the event that she can’t, she’ll direct you to the customer service booth!

Lining people up like a boss! These are our guests from Vietnam, by the way. They come to attend the National Achievers Congress nearly every year!

Books, anyone? Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk were available for sale including his other books as well as Henry Patterson’s Young and Mighty!

Attendees having fun!

Participants lined up to try their hand at our BOXING MACHINE. Our top boxer was Mr. Leo Lee, who beat out the competition with a whopping score of 6991, winning himself a pair of VIP tickets to the Seminar of the Century held next year!

Listening attentively as king of the sales funnel and online wealth creation expert Peng Joon shares his methods of generating passive income by promoting products online.

The crowd going nuts as Gary comes on!

Some Lessons Learned at NAC…

From Peng Joon, top expert on online wealth creation about automated sales funnels:

  • The person who can pay the most to acquire a customer wins
  • Everyone should build a funnel to prommote a product
  • Learn from competitors – get proven traffic by seeing where a competitor is getting traffic

In golf, sales would be a ball in the hole. Marketing, on the other hand, is getting the ball as close to the hole as possible for an easy putt.

From Chatri Sityodtong, founder of ONE Championship:

  • The cycle of a “broken life” is
    • Taking risks
    • Meeting failure
    • Feeling bad and disheartened
    • Learning to fear failure
    • Avoiding risks
    • Learning to hide that fear
    • Never taking risks
    • Never realising your potential

Embrace failure…learn from it.

From Sandy Jadeja, Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies:

Are you exchanging freedom for stability?

  • Poor people think about today
  • Middle class think about months
  • Rich people think about years
  • Wealthy people think about decades
  • The Elite think about generations

The cycle of generations comes in threes. The first generation builds. The second generation enjoys. The third destroys.

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for today -(Jim Rohn)

From Henry Patterson, youngest serial entrepreneur in the world:

  • Follow your heart
  • Don’t think small
  • Know where you are going
  • Love what you do
  • Find friends and support

Listen and watch. Learn. Act.

From Gary Vaynerchuk, the real business hustler, branding and marketing strategies expert:

  • Run more ads on social media
  • Know why you do what you do
  • Know who you are doing it for
  • Attention is the currency of today and it is currently underpriced.
  • Underpriced attention comes in cycles…don’t miss out on this opportunity

Stop f*king around with your life…DO SOMETHING.

Overall, the National Achievers Congress was a blast and all of us had a lot of fun! Thank you all crew members and staff for making this happen, and thank you all attendees for joining us. We hope to keep bringing everyone value and education every year!

For more photos and videos, do visit our post-event site here!

And now…with one last piece of advice from Gary…

Remember, be in the business for you, not for somebody else!

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