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By Stephanie Lucas | Education

Mar 08
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Do you know what’s the FIRST problem when it comes to investing?

Especially if you are a newbie…

You don’t know where to begin and a typical question which always pops up is:

“How much should I invest?”

And then you move on to, “When is the right time to do it?”

The questions just keep coming and you don’t know where to stop.

Worse still, on top of your unending state of confusion, deep down you feel somewhat afraid to start investing.

What if you experience a loss in your first investment? DEVASTATION.

The worry is undeniably real and it can snowball if you do not take the right actions.

Well, don’t worry. If you are reading this, we will be letting you in on the ways to invest right in Singapore.

As beginner investors, we should all be more aware that RISKS EXIST.

Why am I saying this?

There are various types of investments and each of them brings about a certain level of risk.

Whether low, medium or high risks, just know that you can still reap some profits out of it. What a relief…

Knowing this, you can SMASH THE FEAR that is hounding you from making that FIRST successful investment.

Here’s the breakdown, so you can cut out the extra bit of homework!


Good news people! If you are looking to hit the target with your investments, the Singapore Savings Bonds is here to the rescue.

Why? It brings about LOWER RISKS.

And you can fulfill this with a simple act of loaning the government of Singapore some money.

The concept is easy to grasp!

You get paid back that same amount, after a certain amount of years of lending.

On the flipside, you get less interest.

In this aspect, you may not be enjoying good returns, but it is better than letting your money sit idle in the bank.

What’s more, you’re off to a good headstart with a minimum amount of $500 and 2.4% returns.


Image Source: Interest Rates

If you like SAFE, then the Straits Times Index can be something to consider.

You can slowly ease into MID RISK, low commitment investments with passive interests.

How does this work?

It includes betting on index funds which track the top 30 companies in Singapore such as DBS, OCBC, and Singtel.

Now, you don’t have to worry about fretting over choosing the perfect company to invest in.

The STI is very relevant to Singaporeans especially if they have a DBS/POSB account.

With just a simple deduction, you are on your way to receiving long term investments.


It can’t get any better than blue-chip stocks!

They will keep you SECURED for a very long time because these companies are the BIGGEST in the Singapore market.

You can do this on a monthly basis using platforms such as banks, FundSuperMart (FSM), POEMS and OCBC.

As a new investor, you need to have a keen eye for the type of funds or stock to buy.

Blue-chip stocks have a HIGH RISK, so you have to judge correctly when choosing them!


Buy low, sell high!

This is just one of the benefits you get out of value investing. Pretty interesting, right?

Value investing is all about creating the “intrinsic value” of a company.

Each company has a value worth. If a stock is priced below this worth, it simply means it is undervalued.

On the other hand, stock prices can increase as well, causing them to be overvalued.

Here’s a tip for you! To become a SMART value investor, you will want to consider looking for undervalued stocks and sell them at a profit later on.

If you’re in for the long haul, then this medium-risk method will surely be of great help.

Hence, say hello, to higher returns!

Take your first step at INVESTOMANIA with Sean Seah, who is a master in value investing.

He has taught THOUSANDS giving them the know-how on making consistent income on the SPOT.


If you want to buy and sell bonds, shares or currencies all within a day, use day trading. Not just once, but MULTIPLE times.

The practice comes by easily!

It simply involves tracking small market movements while benefiting from it.

You’ve got to be QUICK ON YOUR FEET to make prompt decisions. With this, you can make a large number of trades just for a tiny bit of profit each time.

A small piece of advice – there are many high risks involved with this method due to the number of trades one is able to create.

In this aspect, CONSISTENCY is key to making it in the game!

When making investment decisions, we should all pay a fair bit of attention to the risks involved.

It is the ONE thing which most beginner investors are afraid of.

It is near to impossible to deal with ALL OF THE RISKS, simply because…there is not enough time.

Trust me, there is much homework to be done such as checking stocks, prices, inflation rate, and whatnot.

The list just goes on and on.

Focusing on risks alone may be counterproductive as it raises the level of fear for any new investor.

Therefore, the only way to manage your risks is to remove the FEAR.

How? Leave them to the experts. They not only guide you but dive deep to tell you about the risks.


The BIGGEST investment event is coming to Singapore and it’s your chance to be greeted by experts in the field.

When making new investments, do not just plunge into the deep end without any help.

MENTORS are necessary to get you out of that mess and INVESTOMANIA is the right place to do that.

Here is what you’ll discover at the event;

  • ANALYSE global markets, trends, and companies
  • KNOW the BEST, WORST times to invest in properties and commodities
  • How to DEAL with all types of risks
  • MANAGE your own investment portfolio

This is your chance to BEAT THE RISKS before it gets to you.

A launch special is happening now at $49, 2 tickets for the price of one!

P.S.: Ever had a taste of confident investing? Have a go at, INVESTOMANIA.


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