Obstacles to Success (Part 1)

By Zhafran H | Education

Oct 11
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Everybody always talks about “How To Be Successful”, or “How to start your journey to Success”.

Nobody ever really talks about the problems we’d face along the way.


Personally, I’m sick and tired of all these articles and gurus online. They tell us how we can be successful, like its a matter of following steps 1,2,3. They never talked about the fact that most of us would hit rock bottom on our way to the top.

Undoubtedly, we will inevitably face a ton of obstacles on the road to success. Ask anyone who’s successful they’ll all tell you the same thing – they’ve all faced problems all the time!

As we’re hustling and doing our best to attain our goals, we might be shoved into unimaginable circumstances.

Some of us might end up going broke halfway, others might run into conflicts with their friends, family, or business partners, or even losing their homes, their livelihood, or loved ones. These kinds of circumstances that we’re put in on the way is a turning point in our lives – It’s the MAKE-OR-BREAK moment, the trials & tribulations we’ll inevitably face in life.


Everyone talks as if everyone else starts with the same conditions as them.

Most people who so easily talk about how we can achieve success were born with the optimal conditions growing up – causing them to be blind to the struggles of the common man. 

Not all of us were born to a good family, with caring & intelligent parents who make enough money. 

Lots of people didn’t get have a good upbringing – it’s just a matter of whether you let that be an excuse for your entire life or not.

The students who were blessed with a good family with a good income, are unlikely to understand the struggles of a less fortunate classmate.

I personally knew someone who had to hustle from a young age in order to survive and finish school.

Each school night, she would only be able to get 3-4 hours of sleep. 

In the morning, she would wake up & go to school. In the evening, promptly after school ends, she would hightail it to work in the nightlife industry.

It was the only job she could find that wasn’t during school hours. At 3 am in the dead of morning, she’d arrive home and immediately start scrounging whatever sleep she can get before having to wake up at 7 for school. 

Some nights she wouldn’t even have enough money to eat, and she would leave work clutching her grumbling tummy.

She had to pay for her own school fees, and whatever little she had left was her allowance. Being an art student, her materials cost quite a bit of money.

Many people had misjudged her for working in the nightlife industry. They assumed that she worked in bars and clubs just to have fun, party, and get intoxicated all the time. The truth is, she was just doing her best to put herself through school, to do herself proud.

Despite being busy worrying about money, she still found the time to study hard. Just imagine how shocked she was when she found out she had gotten straight A’s. She even got accepted into law school, but instead, she chose to pursue her dream of being an artist.

Being an artist was something that would make her happy, and that is a success to her. 

Time and money were scarce. Yet she still had her goals in sight – never letting it be an excuse for self-pity.

If we want to grow into better people, we need to start taking responsibility for our actions and behaviours. While it’s true that our upbringing and environment do indeed affect the kind of person we’re molded to be – and the kind of opportunities we’d get in life – We need to stop blaming our own incompetence on everyone & everything else.

We can only rely on our own abilities to get out of bad times we find ourselves in. That’s why you need to keep improving yourself in any way you can – your habits, knowledge, and physical fitness & whatnot.

Take responsibility for all the things you succeed & fail at. Even if some things that happened are out of your control, avoid making excuses.

Take ownership of your failures. Learn to focus on what you can control & how you can do it better the next time.

Taking charge of your mistakes is how you’ll take charge of your personal power.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

We’ll have a few more parts on this topic in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 

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