Procrastination and the art of last-minute work

By Arsyraf R | Education

Dec 21
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Procrastination and the art of last-minute work.

Have you felt that?

The crazy rush and panic.

The frenzy that makes your heart jump.

Everyone is rushing to complete their work because everyone wants to go on the holiday break.

The excitement. The frustration. The rush.

You promised yourself NEVER to do last minute rush work again, but yet it happens.

But you’ve got no choice but to complete it.

If not, you can’t go on your holiday break.

All so…familiar. All so real. And crazy at the same time.

After all the scampering and squeezing every ounce of brain juice and effort to complete your work…

You finally get it done.

And you secretly feel amazed and proud that you actually completed it.

And then you feel this…amazing sense of relief.

That heavy burden… lifted from your chest.


That was close, wasn’t it?

You take a deep long breath and begin to relax.

You actually can go on a holiday break now, finally… Wohoo!

And then THIS happens.

You FORGOT something.

Your heart jumps up to your throat this time.

And it sends a panic chill down your spine. Through the course of your veins.

Only to discover…








The gift you are supposed to buy for your family this Christmas season.

Now the question is:

Why do we love to wait until the very last minute?

Well, there’s this thing called the Parkinson’s lawwork expands to fill the time available for its completion.

That means…

If you give yourself 3 days to complete a task, you will take 3 days to finish it.
If you give yourself 3 months to complete the task, you will take 3 months to finish it.

And that applies to work, and also if you wait for the very last second to get your loved ones a gift.

Some of you even panic and scramble to buy anything for the sake of buying a present.

So that you don’t disappoint your loved ones.

But we have a solution for you.

Better than having to think of what to buy when all the malls are closed.

Now, this is NOT just any other gift.

This gift has the potential to completely make 2019 your best year, yet.

It could be the most meaningful gift for you and your loved ones.


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