It’s Not Too Late to Start Afresh!

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Jun 08
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How’s Your Year So Far?

As we approach the middle of the year, it’s time to take stock of how much we’ve achieved in terms of what we’ve set out to do since the New Year.

Some of you are right on track, others perhaps a little bit delayed, and some may have not even started working on their goals yet!

Whichever state of your goals you’re at now, it’s never too late to start now or start afresh.

So What Can I Do?

Life gets in the way and chances are we end up not focusing and losing track of what we need to do. Thus, we’ve compiled 3 (small & simple) ways for you to start with, to still make this New Year count!

1) Show Gratitude

When was the last time you went to your parents, spouse or children, sat down with them, and told them how much you’ve appreciated them? It may not seem like much, but too often when we’re “busy” with life, we forget that we neglect them.

While we may not realise the short-term effects, the long-term effect is that our relationships inevitably suffer.

By making a point to have a meal together with your family, to have a heart-to-heart chat, or even a simple “good morning” hug in the morning, they feel appreciated and by showing gratitude, you know what’s important to you and what’s worth fighting for.

2) Count Your Blessings

Let’s be honest. Most of us love complaining. It could be the weather, the slow bus or train, a difficult co-worker, or just dissatisfaction with life in general.

But did you know that just by you reading this right now, you’re a lot more privileged than most people around the world? The very fact that we have access to the internet, clean food & drinking water and an opportunity to succeed in life means that we’re better off!

Too often, people focus on what they do not have, instead of what they already have. By always having unrealistic expectations of yourself and the people around you, you will never reach your goals, so isn’t it time to start counting your blessings today?

3) Are you SMART?

No, we don’t mean your Intelligence Quotient (IQ). What we do mean is; are you planning your goals smartly?

When planning goals, most people tend to have extremely lofty ambitions and when they find out that they can’t actually achieve them, they become discouraged and ultimately give up. We’ve all been through that.

The number one rule for setting goals is to start small, and be SMART!

Specific – Your goals should be as detailed as possible yet also be simple, sensible and significant.

Measurable – Are your goals quantifiable? Set benchmarks for when your goal is accomplished.

Achievable – How realistic is your goal given the limitations and/or opportunities you have?

Relevant – Is your goal something you really want? Is it worthwhile to work on this and is this the right time to do so?

Time-bound – What is your deadline? What will your goal look like in half a year or a year from now?

We understand that it can be difficult to try to make an attempt at so many things at once, but remember that a step (however large or small) is better than being idle.

We wish you the best for the remainder of 2018 and if we are able to further aid you in your learning journey, do let us know as well!

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