STOP! Read this before you start making money on Youtube!

By Jinhuang Saw | Education

Jul 19

So if you’re looking to start earning money from Youtube, but want to make the MOST amount of profit possible… are 3 Video Niches that pays the most amount of money per views:

Trading / Investing

The finance niche in Youtube seems to be doing extremely well right now. With more and more brands getting into the mix, the ads competition is getting fiercer as well – to the benefit of all the finance-related creators, especially those who create trading and investing video content.

VPN Content 

The VPN niche is extremely competitive with plenty of companies competing in a fairly limited field. As a result, the CPM rates on VPN content can reach very high numbers.


As boring as it may be to most of us, insurance is a topic with a lot of ongoing interest. It’s one of the niches with the highest average CPC rate on Google all year-long, and traditional advertisers are starting to move to Youtube thanks to the overall lower rates.

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