Thank You: Your Journey with Us

By cheryl | Education

Jan 19

In the blink of an eye, 25 years have passed. Who would have thought that a company created by accident could grow to what it is today? When we first started, we were a tiny seminar organiser in Singapore with only the National Achievers Congress under our belt, but now? We’re changing lives globally!

Through your support, we have expanded and have an international outreach. Our presence spans across more than 30 countries; not just hosting large-scale seminars, but offering short courses and workshops as part of our ever-growing value proposition to you. Because we believe that learning never stops, we are always striving to bring the best and most relevant content to you.

A Quick Glance at the Past

For the past 25 years, Success Resources has grown beyond even our wildest expectations.

Founded in 1993 by Richard and Veronica Tan, the company was an accidental success. Our Chairman, Richard Tan, had been asked by a friend to help plan and execute a conference. The conference was a success and somebody remarked that he should do it for a living. This led to the moment that created Success Resources.

But why education?

Although a throwaway remark had sparked the idea, it was Richard’s passion for learning and educating others that effectively built the foundation for the company. As an entrepreneur, he knew the importance of mindset, wealth, relationships and a sense of purpose. This is why the vision of the organisation is to “be the world’s leading provider of life changing education”. This is also embedded in our core values:  SUCCESS.

  • Service: Our relationships with our customers start from a position of service and we will do whatever it takes to add value and create raving fans.
  • Unlimited Potential: We believe our greatest asset is our people and we invest time and energy in nurturing them. We place no limits on how far they can grow.
  • Collaboration: We believe in the power of strong networks and mutually beneficial partnerships with our stakeholders.
  • Cause: We are centered on delivering the best learning and educational resources to engage, equip and empower individuals to succeed both personally and professionally.
  • Ethics: We will not compromise our reputation and professionalism. We demand the highest standards of delivery and integrity from our speakers, trainers, coaches and most importantly ourselves.
  • Supportive Environment: We create an environment where every task is pursued with excellence, every mistake is a learning opportunity and every moment is focused on purpose driven outcomes.
  • Significant Outcomes: We strive towards exceeding our financial targets believing that our work has the potential to positively impact individuals, communities, cities and the world. We commit to it with tenacity, passion, love and joy.

Thus, the focus of our educational programs, transforming into talks, seminars, and courses about wealth management, transforming mindsets, and inculcating a sense of purpose at work has continually revolved around the seminars, programs and courses that you know and love.

As such, our commitment to bringing you opportunities for growth has led to world-class events such as:

  • Millionaire Mind Initiative
  • Unleash the Power Within
  • National Achievers Congress

Over the years, our pool of speakers has also grown greatly, including world-famous authors and businessmen from all walks of life, including Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.

To date, we have around 500 events per year with more than 10 million attendees. And we’re not planning to stop anytime soon.

The Present View

The digital revolution has not ended. If anything, it’s becoming stronger and stronger. We strive to establish a greater online presence and reach out to more fellow learners through SAM, our Chairman’s 3 basic, key areas of “going digital”.

  • Social: A digital business uses social to interact with customers, not just serve up ads to them. It is both proactive, inviting interaction; and responsive, directly to them in that moment. Few businesses spend the time on this meaningful interaction. So, they never really get the most out of social media.
  • Analysis: It’s not just about analysing everything. You have to understand the context of what you’re looking at. Data only shows how people behave. It doesn’t show WHY they behave that way. You may know that most women buy from your site on a Thursday evening, for example, but to really take advantage of it you need to know why that happens.
  • Mobile: Mobile has become so much a part of their lives that some people call their phones their “beloved”. In the morning, instead of reaching for a hug, they reach for their phone. Mobile has become a large part of our lives, integrating real and digital and providing a way to share and communicate without hassle. Any strategy that doesn’t include some form of engagement or communication on mobile is doomed to fail.

For the global market, it is the year of cryptocurrency and the lightning fast changes in technology (and most likely a new iPhone). While BitCoin may be volatile, that does not mean that every cryptocurrency will follow suit, nor does it mean that BitCoin itself will disappear. We believe in the future of cryptocurrency, which is why we will be holding events on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In addition, we’re even launching our own Cryptocurrency Token sales this year!

This year is crucial for us, especially in an age of disruption. The need to adapt and innovate within the continually evolving digital space presents both a plethora of opportunities and challenges.

But we’re digitally innovating with you in mind.

Our core focus for 2018? Delivering value straight to the palm of your hand.

Looking to the Future

Education is the cornerstone of human development. It is no wonder today education is a big industry and the top priority for most of the Governments across the world. However, our current economic climate has resulted in a generation facing high tuition fees, rising cost of living, sluggish jobs markets, and low income growth. Student loan debt has reached close to $1.3 trillion in USA alone. As a result, professional college and university education has become increasingly unaffordable for the general population.

Our answer to that? SuccessLife.

SuccessLife is a marketplace for the vast content archives of Success Resources amassed from decades of seminars, courses and events. In SuccessLife, you can expect:

  • Up to 10,000 hours of audio and video from the world’s best speakers
  • Masterclass courses for skills development
  • Crowdfunding for your projects and business plans
  • Live personal coaching and training
  • Personal development products, services and live event tickets
  • Connection and engagement with a supportive community
  • Rewards for contributing your own content

The SuccessLife digital platform will be a state-of-the-art project conceived by industry veterans who have over 300 years of combined top leadership experience. Over 500 hours have been spent on executing this vision and the result is one of the most advanced platforms ever to be built in the personal development industry. It is the Netflix, Apple Store, and Amazon of Personal and Business Development content combined.

As a company, Success Resources will continue to look forward and work towards the vision of a world where everyone can be financially independent and take control of their future. We are looking to grow even more, and expand to all parts of the globe, as we believe that everybody deserves the chance to succeed in life, and that being financially educated is the way to achieve that.

Thank you for all your support and we hope to continue walking down this road with all of you. May these 25 years of dedication pave the way for 25 years more!

“The road to success is always under construction.” —Lily Tomlin