The Passive Income Superstition

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Feb 06
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We hope your preparations for Chinese New Year are going well and that you’re all set to spending a good time with family and friends, or looking forward to the nice long weekend. For those of us who do celebrate it, we often find ourselves having to follow these traditional “do’s and don’ts” during this period.

No knives or scissors should be used or this may cut off fortune.
No sweeping or dusting or good fortune will be swept away.
No lending of money or you’ll be lending people money all year long.
All debts should be paid or you risk running into debt.

Some of our grandparents and more traditional folks would be mortified if we broke any of these “rules.” Some even adhere to a stricter method of sweeping during Chinese New Year. All this so that wealth, health, prosperity and long life will fall at your feet. Just follow the rules, set it, and forget it. It’s a lot like how most people mistakenly think about “passive income.”

Passive income is a myth, just like many of the superstitions we believe in. In our experience there are only two kinds of people who talk about passive income.
– The people who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.
– The people trying to sell you something.

Yet, the majority of people out there are chasing after passive income. They spend their time looking for cockamamie “get rich quick” formulas that don’t exist, and therefore, wind up with nothing. They get angry for believing in the people that sold them that “automatic push button” system. They forgot to read the fine print.

There’s no such thing as doing nothing and getting what we want. The way we were brought up was if we wanted to increase our “hong bao income” during Chinese New Year, we’d have to go out and do the leg work to visit more relatives and family friends with our parents. If we stayed home and did nothing, we got nothing.

The Power of Momentum
Rather than pursue “passive income” we should consider “income momentum.” Remember when you were young and you had merry-go-rounds in the playground? Remember how much effort it took to get it going? A lot! But once the merry-go-round was moving, the amount of effort it took to KEEP IT GOING was a mere occasional push with your hand. It required some effort, but significantly less; momentum did most of the work. In the same way, you cannot sit idly by and EXPECT the merry-go-round to keep going. If you ever decide to be completely hands-off, the merry-go-round will come to a stop.

Our income has to be treated like someone we’re dating. We have to spend time working on the relationship. Like a woman, we have to listen to her, love her, and make her feel like she means the world to us. Like a man, we have to stroke his ego, show interest in him, and make him feel like a hero. If you ignore your income and act like a “passive” partner, it’ll leave you.

When you stop to really look at the most financially successful people on the planet — Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, you’ll find that they are anything but passive. All of them are still working on building their wealth – and loving it! They are focused on how to take the resources they have and grow them most efficiently and effectively using other peoples’ money, other peoples’ expertise, other peoples’ networks.

Success in any endeavor requires you to be active. Nothing you want is attained by being passive, including wealth, health and income. Rethink your goal and how you can achieve it. Start looking for ways to leverage yourself and your money. Start ACTIVELY building your wealth today. You will be stunned by the difference it makes in your life one, five, ten years down the road. That’s when you start living the life of a true achiever.

This article was adapted from Keith Cunningham, who will speaking at our National Achievers Congress! If you want to hear him “live” you’ll have to Sign up here!.

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