Time Waits for No One

By Zhafran H | Education

Aug 30
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The passing of time is unstoppable & it will march on regardless of what anyone says or does

One of the main reasons why some people can’t achieve the best version of themselves is because of procrastination. 

We always think to ourselves, “Oh I can do that later”, “I’ll get that done tomorrow”, or anything of that sort of excuse. These little nasty thoughts are one of the BIGGEST hurdles we place in front of ourselves. Over time, they become a habit; you’ll start to tell yourself every day that you can do this or that TOMORROW. 

But here’s the thing. 


Take a moment to reflect on all the little amounts of time that you waste every day – browsing social media on your phone, playing games, smoking, watching TV.  All these fruitless activities add up 

All the time you’ve wasted, all the opportunities you’ve missed; you’re sure to REGRET missing out once you’re older and wiser. Don’t worry though. Missing opportunities is like missing the bus; there will always be another one. The only catch is, that it may take months or even years for an opportunity to be within your grasp again. 

So stop wasting your time. STOP procrastinating. 

Fill your time with something that benefits you – something that propels you to the future that you’ve always dreamed of. Did you dream of becoming a pilot, or simply basking in the sun on your multimillion-dollar yacht? 


Time waits for no man, but that particular time carries significant weight for this man.”

There are various reasons why you might be wasting your time. Maybe you don’t know what your ultimate goal is, which leads to a lack of milestones of what you would consider progress for yourself.

This eventually means that you won’t have the motivation and direction to push yourself forward.

Having an endgame goal or a dream is extremely important to your life, and I can’t stress that enough. Read more on that here!

“You could read a book while you’re on the train”

Tony Robbins teaches us the power of N.E.T. TimeNo Extra Time.; use the time you spend commuting, exercising, cleaning the house or running errands to feed your mind with quality coaching and powerful information that would help you achieve your dreams. 

You could read a book while you’re on the train, listen to a podcast or an audiobook while cleaning your house; learn to be productive by making sure you use whatever time you have.

Prepare lists of things you can do in those short moments of time; books, audiobooks, podcasts or websites that would be beneficial to your life.

There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. When you start managing and making use of your time effectively, you’ll find that you have enough time to accomplish the goals and targets that you’ve set your mind to!

Take one step each day, and in the long run, you’ll realise that you’ve made huge progress in your life.

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