10 Principles of Healthy Living


Oct 28

10 principles of healthy living

Discover the core principles of healthy living with Tony Robbins.

Our health is where it all begins. It’s the foundation of our lives. In fact, it’s so important that it’s the entire focus of Day 4 of Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar.

“In order to be successful in life, you need to reach optimal health,” says Tony. “When you treat your body well and create the vitality you deserve, your life is full of abundance.”

Tony is an expert at keeping himself in peak state (otherwise, how else could he spend 12 solid hours on stage?), but he is also a student. He works with health experts in different fields, and has his own personal coach to help keep him fit.

Over his career, Tony has come to believe that there are 10 core principles that contribute to healthy living. Master these, and you will start experiencing more energy and vitality in you daily life.

Tony Robbins’ 10 Principles of Health

1. Breath

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Before anything, you need to learn how to breathe properly. If health is the foundation of our lives, breath is where it starts.

Tony uses a technique called ‘power breathing’: inhale for a count of one, hold your breath for four counts and then exhale for two counts. 

If you practice power breathing regularly, it will help you oxygenate your blood and manage stress.

2. Living Nutrients 

We all know that staying hydrated is key for good health, but are you eating water-rich foods as well?

Your diet should be full of water-rich foods like lettuce, grapefruit and watermelon,” advises Tony. “Ideally, 70% of your nutrient intake should be heavily water-based.”

3. Exercise

Building an exercise routine that works for you is importantand so is working yourself the right way.

It’s important to vary the types of exercise that you are doing, making sure to include both aerobic and anaerobic. 

Aerobic is cardio-based and works by getting your heart-rate up. Things like running, cycling, and swimming are great examples of aerobic exercise. Anaerobic builds muscle strength, among other things, and includes exercise like weight lifting and resistance training. 

Ensuring you are doing both types of exercise weekly will help you maintain optimal health.

4. Nourishment

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What we put in our body is what fuels us, so it makes sense that it’s a vitally important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure your diet includes lots of nutrient-dense foods like leafy greens, and that you are getting an adequate amount of fibre and vitamins daily. 

Tony also suggest eating in a relaxed state and sticking to a set schedulethis will keep you from eating mindlessly when you’re bored or tired.

5. Empowered Mind

Good health is as much mental as it is physical. Where are you directing your thoughts? It’s dangerously easy in our busy lives to push aside anything difficult, but it’s important that we make time to process our thoughts and feelings.

Consider starting a daily practice like mindfulness, meditation or journalling that will give you space to work through your emotions and let them go.

Not only will you feel happier, but reducing stress can have a significant positive impact on your overall health.

6. Structural Support

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Tony spends his days on stage standing for hours, and that can be tough on the body if it’s not properly aligned. But anyone can experience discomfort from daily activities, such as sitting for hours at a desk every day.

“Massages, chiropractic treatments and even basic at-home stretching are a good way to reinvigorate your body’s structural support,” says Tony. 

“Be conscious of your posture and make sure to take walking or stretching breaks if you spend most of your day sitting.”

7. Processed Food

Processed and sugary foods can be very temptingbut they can also be very harmful. Not only are they packed with empty calories, they can also contain some very dangerous chemicals and fats.

Tony suggests swapping these foods out for foods that contain healthy fats, such as nuts and olive oils. This will help satisfy the craving, but without the damage.

8. Meat

A meat-heavy diet can lead to potentially elevated cholesterol levels, not to mention a host of other risks that research is only starting to identify

With the range of vegan and meat-free options growing daily in supermarket shelves across the UK, there’s no reason not to embrace a plant-based diet for a day or two a week (or more)—and it’s good for the planet too!

9. Dairy Products

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Many people are lactose intolerant and don’t even know, says Tony.

If you suffer from fatigue, clogged sinuses, or digestive issues, consider cutting dairy from your diet and seeing how you feel.

10. Acid Addictions

“Lastly, cut out the damaging acid-based products in your life,” says Tony.

Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugarthese are all addictive substances that wreak havoc on our health, potentially leading to issues like obesity, heart disease, brain damage and diabetes.

Tony suggests reducing your intake of these substances gradually, and noticing the changes in your body. You should start sleeping better, feeling more energetic, and be able to focus better once the withdrawal symptoms wear off.

Without your health, you have nothingit really is that important! Join Tony at Unleash the Power Within and learn the tools and strategies you need to take control of your health and experience a vitality greater than you’ve ever known.

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