Tony Robbins’ 10 Seeds of Success


Jan 28

Tony Robbins' 10 Seeds of Success

Discover the 10 seeds of success used by performance coach Tony Robbins. 

Imagine your mind is a garden, and your emotions are seeds you can grow to feed your spirit and your soul.

What kind of seeds do you want to plant?

Life strategist Tony Robbins says there are 10 emotional seeds (he calls these power emotions) that every one of us should be planting in our emotional gardens. Nurture these emotions to bring more abundance and joy into your life, and increase your feelings of fulfillment.

Consider this your go-to list…

The 10 Power Emotions: Your Seeds to Success!

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the best way to change your perspective on life! Many international spiritual leaders and philosophers credit a happier life to cultivating gratitude.

“Gratitude is an immensely powerful force that we can use to expand our happiness, create loving relationships, and even improve our health.” -Deepak Chopra

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” -Tony Robbins

2. Hunger

According to Tony, hunger is the most vital emotion to success:

“If someone asks me, ‘what is the single most valuable secret to success in life? How do I live life on my terms and have choices, and become the best in my field?’, I’d tell them that every great leader I’ve ever had the privilege to work with—whether they are a politician an athlete, a musician or a business savant—got there using one force above all other. And that’s hunger.”

If you want to create a lasting legacy, you need the determination and hunger to make it happen.

3. Passion

Passion is a force like no other! It can drive people to take over the world. Best described as a fusion of love, imagination, talent and drive, passion opens the mind to opportunities that can break through old limiting beliefs.

Passion gives a sense of purpose and can make a tremendous difference to performance when striving for your goals.

“Man is only truly great when he acts from passion.” -Benjamin Disraeli

4. Love and warmth

The consistent expression of love has the power to melt away almost any negative emotion. If you do everything you do in love you can never go wrong.

The more love you sow into the world, the more you’ll get back!

5. Curiosity

Find the curiosity you had when you were a child!  Children have a spirit of discovery and wonder about the world around them.

Try approaching your life with that attitude in mind. Looking at things from a different perspective has the power to radically change your experience.

6. Flexibility

The ability to adapt is definitely an attribute of success. Keeping a level head in a constantly changing environment can be tricky for many, but it’s essential—the only thing certain in life is change, so it pays to be able to adapt.

“We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.” -Jeff Bezos

7. Confidence

Success requires confidence and a steadfast belief in yourself and your dreams. It is the driving force that enables us to keep move forward when facing setbacks. You must believe that you can be successful if that’s what you want. The first step is believing!

8. Cheerfulness

Life is too short to be miserable all the time. You must allow yourself to feel joy and express it!

Tony is all about changing your physiology to change the way you feel. When you feel unproductive or unmotivated, you need to find a state to shift your mood.

Remember what Tony says: your focus creates your feelings.

9. Vitality

Vitality and energy are the sources of life. Your mental and emotional states are heavily influenced by your energy. Kids have a joyful and playful spirit—and they have often boundless energy!

Keeping a youthful and creative spirit is important to staying inspired and finding the energy necessary to drive your success.

10. Sense of contribution

Working or living for a cause or mission bigger than yourself is a true aspect of success. Life is all about leaving your legacy and serving the bigger picture.

“The secret to living is giving.” -Tony Robbins

If you want to delve deeper into Tony’s life philosophies, to get the most out of your spirit, body, and mind, attending a live event can dramatically accelerate your growth.

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