5 Simple Steps to go from being a DREAMER to a DOER


Feb 27

go from being a dreamer to a doer

Stop being a dreamer, and discover how to become a doer! 

All of us have a dream.

We may call it something different—wishes, aspirations, ambitions—but ultimately, it’s the same thing: a goal we dream of achieving in our lifetime.

Very few of us ever manage to achieve these dreams. We give in to our environments, to the challenges of ‘reality’, to our own insecurities. And because of that, we give up on our dreams.

How many of us are real, true doers?

And, if we aren’t, how do we become doers instead of just dreamers?

1. Write down your goals and set yourself a deadline.

Say you want to write a novel and have it ready to submit to an agent or publishing house. That’s awesome—but how far along are you really? What do you define as “submission-ready”? How many words can you write per day, and is it scheduled into your routine just like work or going to the gym?

Pick a deadline for being submission-ready (less than two years out), or schedule mini-deadlines, such as two chapters written by month’s end. This goes for any kind of goal, not just novel-writing.

Extra Tip: It can be a powerful reality check to reverse-engineer from the end goal to where you are right now, then figure out what you need to do by when in order to get there.

2. Plan (and do) what needs to be done.

Every time you decide you want to do something, follow that up with a list of steps to make it happen. This could be saving a certain amount of money per month, completing a certain number of push-ups per week, or reading a certain amount per day.

Budget your hours, plan your expenses and make sure you’re doing what needs to be done.

3. Surround yourself with doers.

Birds of a feather flock together. Who are your five best friends? Just as dreamers feed off of each other, surrounding yourself with doers will help keep you on track.

Real doers won’t be so quick to indulge your dreamer tendencies—they’ll want to know what’s your plan?

Remember: you are in charge of your support network.

4. Change what doesn’t work.

There is a saying about the definition of insanity. Don’t think you can achieve something by doing the same things you’ve been doing for years without result. Stop, reassess, figure out what’s wrong and try a fresh approach.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” –Tony Robbins

It’s good to learn from mistakes, but you’ll never get anywhere making the same mistakes over and over again.

5. Assume everything will take longer and cost more.

One of the biggest pitfalls dreamers encounter is that they think everything will be much easier to do than it really is, and it can be really demoralising to come just short of your goal.

When writing down your action plan, make sure to increase the timeline and the cost by ten percent to give yourself a buffer. Worst case scenario, you’ll succeed with time and money left over!

While being a doer is definitely a requirement to achieving your dreams, don’t ever forget the dreamer in you, either—that’s your source of inspiration.

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